New on Overdrive

New on Overdrive

New on Overdrive
  • The Antidote For Imposter Syndrome And Self Doubt

    Do you ever feel like a fraud?
    In certain situations do you ever feel like you are one minor mistake, one missed detail away from being found out by everyone as a phony?

    Do you sometimes feel totally under qualified to occupy the position that you do?

    Flawed, imperfect, error-prone, human?


  • Effective Job Posting

    Identifying the right candidate is the first step in finding the right talent. The job descriptions you post for open positions will have an effect on the quality of applicants you receive. The more qualified the applicants, the better your chances of adding the right member to your team who can ...

  • The Essence of Giving Back

    Josh Abramson, owner of ALLBRiGHT Painting and founder of the Paint-It-Forward movement discusses what PCA has done for his business, the importance of giving back to your local community and the upcoming PCA Paint-It-Forward event in October.

    From now until Sept. 15, PCA member companies can re...

  • Bar BoB September 2021

    Join Scott & me as we bring you these monthly bonus episodes of Bar BoB. Where we are joined by various guests that drop in to chat relevant topics, shoot the shit, and generally get stuff off their chest in a bar-like atmosphere. If you ever fancy dropping by lookout for the zoom links on brothe...

  • A Family Affair

    We talk with Brian Jurgens, senior vice president and fourth-generation member of W.T. Kenney of Massachusetts. Brian tells us what it’s like to work for his family business—when that business happens to be a successful commercial painting company serving the greater Boston area for more than 80 ...

  • How and When to Use Videos in Your Business

    Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words, but how much is a video worth in your business? In this episode, Levi Kirby, co-founder of Splycehouse, joins us to share how and why you should use videos in your business to maximize your credibility, professionalism, and perceived value!

  • Team of Leaders

    Pulling off large scale jobs is no easy feat, especially when there are material shortages. Learn how the leadership team at JML Construction not only leans on Behr Pro for product and materials, but reps are brought into the planning process early on to ensure solutions deliver the best result.

  • Join the Movement

    From now until September 15, PCA member companies can register to help a property for a homeowner, organization or nonprofit of their choice.

    Paint-It-Forward events will be held throughout the month of October.

    Learn More and Register Your Company

  • Exterior Fine Finishing

    In this episode, Nick shows you SOP for stripping, prepping, staining, and varnishing exterior wood projects like front entry doors using my favorite Minwax stuff!

  • Turn Your Painting Company Into An Easy Bake Oven

    Return guest Jason Phillips, founder and owner of Phillips Home Improvements, discusses the importance of having good systems, and why you should borrow from others until your company runs like an Easy Bake Oven. He also discusses how to always be adding value for both your customers and your emp...

  • Social Media King

    Zach Kenney has created a large following on social media - Instagram in particular. He shows how ZK Painting uses social media in every facet of their business.

    The investment of time and resources has positively impacted hiring, branding, marketing, employee morale and even networking opportu...

  • Training Amplified

    In June 2022, Sherwin-Williams partnered with the Building Talent Foundation, the San Antonio Housing Authority and PCA to pilot a national program to address the talent shortage.

    After a week of classroom and hands-on training, students graduated with an understanding of the basic fundamentals ...

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    1 season


    1 season

  • What's Good this Summer

    Chad and Prithvi discuss their summer adventures. While Chad has been on the road filming content for PCA, Prithvi has been dealing with stray cats and improving the member portal experience.

    You'll get a sneak peak into the new member portal, which goes live Aug. 15. Additionally, you'll learn ...