New on Overdrive

New on Overdrive

New on Overdrive
  • Fearless Bidding and Job-Costing

    On this episode of Estimate Rocket Radio, Nick Slavik of Ask A Painter and Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration join us to talk about new revelations about estimating and job costing that can help launch contractors into next-level growth.
    Owners and estimators are in need of quick and easy esti...

  • How Do I Grow My Leadership? Pt. 3

    In this 3 part series, Sam Salah joins us to break down: What is Leadership, Why is it important, and How do you grow in your leadership. In this final episode, we talk about how to become a better leader, and what that will mean for your business and organization when you work on your leadership...

  • Tired of Endless Complaints

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but employees tend to be much better at pointing out problems than fixing them. “Hey Boss, just wanted to let you know that [insert business issue you’re already abundantly aware of here]. We should really do something about that, hey?”

    Staff drop problems in yo...

  • Upgrade Your Business Operating System

    In this episode of the PaintEd Podcast, Torlando Hakes talks to Chris Elliott.

    They discuss different aspects of business operating systems in the Contracting Industry. Chris says every company's success may be summed up in one important business function.

    Watch the full video to learn in-dep...

  • Episode 4 Painter Marketing Gold

    In episode 4, Jason will discuss how your painting company needs to market itself for long-term and big-time growth.

    If you want to ask Jason questions related to anything in this podcast series, you can do so in our exclusive Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast Forum on Facebook. Just search ...

  • Episode 3 - Paulie Morales, Canyon painting

  • Recap of Steps to Professionalization Series

    In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick will recap the Professionalization mini-series. He covered industry-related topics and shared insights on succeeding those throughout the series:

    AAP 345: SOPs
    AAP 346: Cabinets
    AAP 347: Estimating
    AAP 348: Marketing
    AAP 350: Deliverables/Standards
    AAP 351:...

  • The Contractor Fight

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    In 2017, Tom Reber started The Contractor Fight to bring respect and dignity back to the trades.

    By educating one contractor at a time, they're quickly restoring our industry to a place of respect in our communities. No more will the trades be looked at as a “fallback” position when college does...

  • DISC Personality Assessment

    In episode 5, Jason will elaborate on the DISC personality assessment and how to use it to ensure you have the right people in the right seats.

    If you want to ask Jason questions related to anything in this podcast series, you can do so in our exclusive Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast Forum...

  • Post PCA EXPO 2023 Action Plan Roundtable

    PCA EXPO 2023 was a MASSIVE success! We at the PCA marketing committee have been informed that attendance and participation were well above EXPO 2022 levels. We have also received feedback that the value derived from the breakout sessions, brain melds, panels, and focus groups was through the roo...

  • Key 3 to Escaping Contractor Prison: Systems

    In episode 3, Jason will deep dive into Key 3 to escape contractor prison, creating and implementing efficient systems.

  • Service Legend Podcast

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  • Key 2 to escaping contractor prison : Team

    In episode 2, Jason will cover Key 2 to escaping contractor prison - building a highly effective team.

  • The Best Accounting Software

    After searching for tutorials on YouTube for "MTD" making tax digitally compliant and Quickbooks, I stumbled across Aaron Patrick by pure chance.

    Aaron, otherwise known by his handle "that Quickbooks Guy" has some amazing content that makes using QuickBooks less daunting for beginners. I follow...

  • Closing speech at PCA EXPO

    One of my duties is to communicate a vision for the 140-year-old organization. I do that here, as well as make my big ‘ask’ of the master craftspeople and trades entrepreneurs in our industry.

    I think I’ve only done 2 of these ‘not live’ shows in the past 6 years. This short video is that impor...

  • Women in Paint


    Four women from different backgrounds share their journey into the trade, what it takes to run a profitable business - the highs and lows, and encourage others to become successful entrepreneurs, just like them.

  • People Make Dream Businesses

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    In this series titled "People Make Dream Businesses", Jason Phillips of Phillips Home Improvements will be discussing how to escape contractor prison and build the painting company of your dreams. It is a 6-part series.

  • Don't stop me now

    In this episode, Brad will elaborate on what it looks like to scale a painting company both in terms of mindset and concrete steps.

    Brad, explains hypothetically as well as theoretically the strategies and proven track to success.
    Watch the full episode to learn more.

    Learn about PCA EXPO: ht...

  • The Pareto Principle

    In this episode of the industry partner series, we host Guest Benji Carlson. Benji is the Head of Content at Breakthrough Academy and one of the company's earliest employees. Listen to Benji describe the different tranches of painting companies, and what owners should do to advance from one to t...

  • Change the World

    Brad will discuss how to effectively build systems and processes that create a roadmap for future success.
    You must develop methods and procedures that are as easy to automate as feasible when your company expands.

    Learn about PCA EXPO:

  • The Glue Between Paint and Painters

    In this episode, we speak with Gennaro D’Amelio, a Benjamin Moore Territory Rep serving Canada’s northern Greater Toronto area. We discuss his role in managing long-term relationships with painting contractors, the value of independent retailers, and his role in connecting the two groups together...

  • Enchance the Buyer's Journey

    Effective systems and automation are essential to managing your painting company's professional branding and successfully scaling your business. In this presentation, we take a deep dive into better understanding your ideal prospect's needs, and how your company can make the "buyer's journey" an ...

  • Body Language and Sales

    Learn 7 Secrets of Body Language to Help You Increase Your Sales

    The meeting went great. Both homeowners were there, engaged, picked their colors, their finish, when they wanted to start, all of it. Then at the end, they said, "We need to think about it."

    Wait, what?! What just happened, this l...

  • PCA Expo 2023 Gameplan - Part 2

    Part 2 is a deep-dive discussion into the daily themes and individual topics of each breakout session, panel discussion, and brain meld topic happening at this year's EXPO. Get the inside scoop on all the sessions that will be available to you, and craft your company's EXPO Gameplan to maximize t...