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New on Overdrive

New on Overdrive
  • Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive

    One term that we hear many people say is “I’m So Busy!” The real question should be, what are you busy doing? Are you busy because you are productively growing yourself and your business, or are you busy just for the sake of being busy? More than likely you don’t realize how unproductive your “bu...

  • Simple Ways to Secure Yourself

    Cybersecurity is something for tech companies, banks, and nerds to worry about right?

    Yeah, in 2010 maybe, but not anymore.

    There has been a STEEP rise in the number of attacks on small businesses in the last few years and contractors are a prime target for hackers.

    Why? Because in the trade...

  • Capacity Planning

    In this episode of the PaintEd Podcast, Torlando Hakes talks to Tommy Mello.
    Tommy starts the talk show by introducing himself and his upcoming book that helps to build a company where everybody wins. He addresses that everyone should put themselves out in the market, ask questions and see what ...

  • Celebrating Ask a Painter

    So much has changed.

    In this episode, Nick Slavik shares his 15 years' journey in the trades.

  • Abundance of Resources

    Movie + 6 extras

    Gratitude is on our mind.

    In this episode, you'll hear about a PCA member company, who has incorporated adoption into their mission and how they are matching $10K in donations to help children find families.

    Additionally, there are some new updates at PCA. A new business training course called...

  • Missing Red Flags

    The "lost episode", recorded back in November 2021, was lost on a faulty hard drive. I massive apologize to Darren on this one. Luckily we've managed to salvage it!
    In this week's Bobcast, I sit down with Darren Smith of DMS Painting based out of Essex. Join us as we mull over

    Missing red flags...

  • Customer Loyalty that Powers Your Revenue

    On this episode of Estimate Rocket Radio we sit down with Miljce Donev of First Choice Professional Painting and we talk about how to build a base of repeat customers that can account for up to 75% of a company's total revenue! We discuss how loyal customers are slowly developed by a company's co...

  • Marketing in Slow Times

    In this roundtable Oscar from NiceJob speaks with Nick Slavik and Brandon Pierpont about all things marketing for your business. As well as discussing tips and tricks they used in their business to successfully implement correct marketing in their businesses.

    They address that, one of the bigges...

  • An Effective Painting Sales System

    Brian Reis, founder, and owner of Bella's Army Painting discusses how his sales-first mindset has allowed him to effectively outrun other problems in his business, and a shift he is taking this year to rightsize and improve operations. This is Brian's second time on the Painter Marketing Mastermi...

  • Blending Business and Passion

    We talk with Noah Kanter, owner and operator of Nth Degree Painting in Burlington, Vermont. Noah discusses his path to becoming a painting contractor, how he finds ways to be productive between jobs, as well as how the painting industry has changed for the better as technology advances.
    At the c...

  • The Reality of Safety

    Movie + 1 extra

    As a veteran painting business owner, Tim Flood thought he had his company's safety protocol in check. However, he soon had to reexamine and overhaul his safety procedures when a preventable ladder accident caused serious injury and ultimately death to one of his crew members.

    Tim talks about th...

  • Why I left NiceJob

    Nate Brott successfully automated this business to the point it only took him 1 hour a week to run. So he took on other adventures, including coming to work for NiceJob! While his old business continued to thrive, he started to miss some of the day-to-day. Nate Brott returns to the NiceJob podcas...

  • PCA Unmasked

    Chad and Prithvi talk about the aftermath of the entire PCA Team suffering from COVID. They also share their fun and mischievous childhood Halloween adventures.

    Moving to the exciting part of the episode, over 30 people have registered for Paint-It-Forward, and press coverage is starting to com...

  • Tips, Tools & Trends

    Choosing a paint color is a stressful activity for most clients. The process can take quite a bit of time and even delay the job, creating unneeded tension between you and your client. During this webinar, PPG Design & Color Experts Michelle & Jennifer will share Tips, Tools & Trends when it come...

  • The Paint Professor

    The Paint Professor - Christian Vale recently attended the Sherwin-Williams Pro Show in Florida. Networking with other contractors, learning about new products and tools and meeting local reps are just a few ways Christian feels Pro Shows can help painting contractors. He also talks about the imp...

  • 3X Base Part 6

    After a brief hiatus, In this episode of Advice from a Young Tradesman, Noah joins Conner and Luke. They discuss busy summer adventures and exterior projects. Tips and insights on great paint finishing and more!

  • Document, Document, Document!

    Photos and Videos aren't just for social media anymore. Michael Gogan discusses how CompanyCams platform can help you create SOPs for training, productivity, and safety. He also talks about how the software can help create those perfect before and after photos for marketing.

    PCA Members (free tr...

  • Time to Level Up

    Chad and Prithvi discuss enhancements to PCA’s new member portal, upcoming events, discounts, new articles and must-see videos streaming on PCA Overdrive.

    PPG reveals their color of the year, and Prithvi gives a tech tip on exact color matching.

    While student loan forgiveness might be in the ca...

  • The Essence of Giving Back

    Josh Abramson, owner of ALLBRiGHT Painting and founder of the Paint-It-Forward movement discusses what PCA has done for his business, the importance of giving back to your local community and the upcoming PCA Paint-It-Forward event in October.

    From now until Sept. 15, PCA member companies can re...

  • Team of Leaders

    Pulling off large scale jobs is no easy feat, especially when there are material shortages. Learn how the leadership team at JML Construction not only leans on Behr Pro for product and materials, but reps are brought into the planning process early on to ensure solutions deliver the best result.

  • Join the Movement

    From now until September 15, PCA member companies can register to help a property for a homeowner, organization or nonprofit of their choice.

    Paint-It-Forward events will be held throughout the month of October.

    Learn More and Register Your Company

  • Social Media King

    Zach Kenney has created a large following on social media - Instagram in particular. He shows how ZK Painting uses social media in every facet of their business.

    The investment of time and resources has positively impacted hiring, branding, marketing, employee morale and even networking opportu...

  • Training Amplified

    In June 2022, Sherwin-Williams partnered with the Building Talent Foundation, the San Antonio Housing Authority and PCA to pilot a national program to address the talent shortage.

    After a week of classroom and hands-on training, students graduated with an understanding of the basic fundamentals ...

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