Recent Virtual Events

  • Recycle with PaintCare

    Washington Program Coordinator Nick DiBartolo reviews the benefits of the PaintCare program, including information about the painting products they accept for recycling and how to qualify for a free paint pickup.

    PaintCare is an industry-led paint recycling initiative, created by the American Co...

  • Tips, Tools & Trends

    Choosing a paint color is a stressful activity for most clients. The process can take quite a bit of time and even delay the job, creating unneeded tension between you and your client. During this webinar, PPG Design & Color Experts Michelle & Jennifer will share Tips, Tools & Trends when it come...

  • Rise Above the Rest

    5 items

    "Rise Above the Rest" with these sessions on leadership, sales, power partnerships, onboarding and training, and growing your business.

  • Residential Think Tanks

    8 items

    Stay informed with the Operation Covid-19 Response series for Residential contractors.

  • Loans, Leave, and Layoffs

    This Webinar answers questions and sheds light on new legislation covering topics from business loans and sick/child leave. With us is Morgan Ray from Bookkeeping for Painters, and Christine Ferraris of A. Ferraris Law P.L.L.C.

  • The Painting Industry in 2020

    One of the most important aspects of future success is current planning. This means keeping up with what's going on in your industry as well as the rest of the world. In fact, staying current with industry trends and topics can help you identify yourself as an industry expert while also providing...