Rise Above the Rest

Rise Above the Rest

"Rise Above the Rest" with these sessions on leadership, sales, power partnerships, onboarding and training, and growing your business.

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Rise Above the Rest
  • Three Dimensional Leadership

    Nicole Cline breaks down Three Dimensional Leadership into three categories:
    Self Awareness, Developing Others, and Communicating a Simple Plan.

    Resource: https://tinyurl.com/3DLeadership-Resource

    Presentation: https://tinyurl.com/3DLeadership-Presentation

  • Ugh... Let's Talk About Sales

    Contractors and salespeople are often considered necessary evils and have negative stereotypes in the eyes of potential clients. To flip this narrative, Allan suggests a shift from focusing on "closing" to a mindset of helping and providing value.

    Download Allan's Action Sheet: https://hubs.ly/...

  • Power Partnerships

    This panel discussion explores the challenges and rewards that many couples experience when they commit to living AND working together.

    Running a business is tough, and that's before you introduce the complex dynamics of working with your spouse. But some of the most successful people in our ind...

  • The 5-Step Staff Training Program

    You've got so much experience in your industry, but how do you pass that knowledge onto your team so they can deliver quality jobs on time, and on budget....every....single....time?

    Download BTA resources: https://pca.so/bta5step

    Successful businesses use standardized training processes that en...

  • Steps to Making the Leap

    Annie Newton shares insights into growth strategies and how to create a profitable framework around scaling your business. She is joined by fellow PCA members, Dan Ross and Paul Dunkman.

    Resource Download: https://tinyurl.com/Steps-to-Making-the-Leap