Ultimate Hiring Funnel Series

Ultimate Hiring Funnel Series

So look - it is no secret that hiring is hard. Like really hard. Especially in our construction and trade industries.

Labor shortages are a real thing, and yes, perhaps Millennials and Gen Z’ers aren't as gritty as older Generations may have been.

And also yes, the government has paid a bunch of people to stay at home for over a year-and-a-half leading to a super lethargic Workforce. We get it.

But look, it is what it is and can’t do much about the above factors. What you can do though is build the best hiring funnel in your market…and that is exactly what the next six episodes are going to be all about.

Over the 6-part series we're going to explain in plain English how you can think like a marketer and start building an Employer Brand that attracts top talent.

It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned pro, or you just started your business this year. It also doesn’t matter what trade you are in. If you’re in home services and you want to build your dream team this series is for you.

Contractor Evolution is a podcast by Breakthrough Academy (BTA). They systemize contracting businesses for growth.

Find out how BTA can take your business to the next level!

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Ultimate Hiring Funnel Series
  • How to Build an Ideal Candidate Profile

    Josianne Guadette runs Crew HR and over her extensive 18-year career she's been involved in the hiring of over 600 roles for her huge book of clients.

    Episode 1 covers how to make an Ideal Candidate Profile which is the primary building block for any hiring funnel.
    Think about it - you can't hir...

  • Writing a Job Ad for A-Players

    Josianne Guadette runs Crew HR and over her extensive 18-year career she's been involved in the hiring of over 600 roles for her huge book of clients.

    Episode 2 breaks down a super easy-to-follow framework that will have you writing compelling job postings that attract the best candidate. And do...

  • Leverage Untapped Talent Pools

    Asad is the CEO of Sales Talent Agency, an international recruiting agency that has helped acquire talent for over 1,500 companies including Harley Davidson, IBM, Salesforce, and Sonos.

    Episode 3 focuses on getting a large number of candidates in the door. Making a great hire is impossible if yo...

  • Filter Out the Time Wasters

    Danny is the managing director at Breakthrough Academy, a company that coaches over 450 Contracting Businesses to implement efficient systems and allows the owners to step away from the day-to-day.

    Episode 4 will show you how to prioritize and convert our best applicants into interviews. Stop wa...

  • Interviewing Fundamentals

    James is at the helm of 1-800-Got-Junk, a brand doing 490 million dollars a year in revenue, and has done literally thousands of interviews to build power house teams.

    In Episode 5 we cover how to understand a candidate - not just in terms of what is on their resume, but their deep rooted wiring...

  • Drawing the Line Early

    James is the Director of Training and Development at Breakthrough Academy who trains over 450 contractors. He’s hired and conducted expectations meetings for 100’s of staff all the way from laborers to executives. ...