EXPO 2022 Sessions

EXPO 2022 Sessions

Get a feel for EXPO by watching and listening to selected content from 2022.

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EXPO 2022 Sessions
  • Business Professionalization

    Nick & Jason discuss the past, current, and near future states of business professionalization in the painting industry and how the PCA is positioning itself to support the rising tide.

    Learn more about EXPO: https://www.pcapainted.org/expo/

  • Social Media Panel

    Social media has become an essential component of establishing a professional business image. Learn from industry experts how they leverage social media to build their brand, establish trust, and recruit employees.

    Learn more about EXPO: https://www.pcapainted.org/expo/

  • Limiting Beliefs

    A panel of contractors discuss how they have worked through internal beliefs that have kept them from achieving their potential and the tools they used to overcome them.

    Learn more about EXPO: https://www.pcapainted.org/expo/

  • A Pathway for Unskilled Workers

    Training programs are all different. Learn from two of the best companies in the industry about the steps they've taken to create a successful training program. Martin Painting & Coating has figured out the who, where, why, and when of hiring, but their process does not end there; instead, they h...

  • Enchance the Buyer's Journey

    Effective systems and automation are essential to managing your painting company's professional branding and successfully scaling your business. In this presentation, we take a deep dive into better understanding your ideal prospect's needs, and how your company can make the "buyer's journey" an ...

  • Body Language and Sales

    Learn 7 Secrets of Body Language to Help You Increase Your Sales

    The meeting went great. Both homeowners were there, engaged, picked their colors, their finish, when they wanted to start, all of it. Then at the end, they said, "We need to think about it."

    Wait, what?! What just happened, this l...

  • Hiring in a Talent Shortage

    Recruiting is the biggest challenge facing the industry and everybody is talking about the ‘non-existent labor pool’... we’ve heard all the complaints!

    Finding the ideal candidate is more challenging than ever, and keeping hold of them, that's a whole other ballgame.

    There are always ‘A’ player...

  • How to Develop Empowered Managers

    If you're running a 7-figure painting business, your success (and sanity) depends on your ability to build a team of independent, trusted managers who can take ownership of running parts of your business for you. Your business is just too complex for you to run everything yourself.

    But building ...

  • Financial Growth to Success

    Financial Growth & Job Costing is all about organizing and analyzing your finances so you can understand your company's financial health. We go over how to job cost your projects, analyze your monthly cash flow, understand receivables and payables, and, most importantly, use the financial informa...

  • Decoding Your Customer Data

    Have you ever taken the time to make a list of all the places you have customer data stored for your business? Have you looked at those places side-by-side? If you said no to these questions – this session is for you.

    During this workshop we will walk through the places you have data about your ...

  • A Million Dollars in Revenue from Instagram

    A step-by-step guide to building a social media presence and leveraging it into revenue.
    1. Find your message
    2. Create your content 
    3. Drive revenue

    Learn more about EXPO: https://www.pcapainted.org/expo/

  • Mindset is Everything

    1. Never stop learning. Always be growth-oriented and forward-focused.
    2. Your association is your most powerful asset
    3. No matter the circumstance, you have a choice.

    Learn more about EXPO: https://www.pcapainted.org/expo/