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Watch this video and more on PCA Overdrive

Contractor Content Strategy For 2022

Contractor Evolution • 1h 10m

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  • 2022 Contractor Reading List

    As you might have guessed by the subject line of this email, we’re talking about books in this episode of Contractor Evolution?


    Because someone way smarter than you has devoted DECADES of their life mastering a principle that will significantly impact you in a positive way.

    And you can c...

  • The Antidote For Imposter Syndrome An...

    Do you ever feel like a fraud?
    In certain situations do you ever feel like you are one minor mistake, one missed detail away from being found out by everyone as a phony?

    Do you sometimes feel totally under qualified to occupy the position that you do?

    Flawed, imperfect, error-prone, human?


  • Only 2% of Contractors Do This

    Our guest in this episode, Paul Akers, runs a company called Fastcap who’s workers now output $500-$700 a day and are happier than when the company started. He’s been so recognized for his work that he’s been invited to speak and consult with companies like Mercedes Benz, Amazon, and the US Navy....