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This is Contractor Evolution. Where we unpack the systems, tactics, and skills you need to take your fast-growing contracting business to the next level.

If you’re here to learn what it takes to scale up, work less, and increase profitability, you’ve come to the right place.

Stay tuned to learn what separates the new breed of contractor from the old school, and welcome to your ultimate guide on the business of contracting.

Contractor Evolution
  • Contractor Acquisition Model: Does It Work?

    Episode 25

    This painter crushes it by buying into his competition

    You may have, at some point, pondered the idea of supercharging your growth by buying another business.

    Entrepreneurs naturally see opportunity all around them - owners that don’t know what they’re doing, older guys trying to get out, young...

  • The Benefits of New Territory

    Episode 24

    If you have ever wondered what it takes to expand into a new market, begin operations in a new city, or even a new state, this episode is a must-listen. Our guest for this episode is Kory Ballard, founder of Perficut Site Management.

    Kory started as a teenager, borrowing his dad's mower to do...

  • Will You Weather The Storm

    Episode 23

    One situation you are inevitably going to face at some point, or many points, is an economic downturn. Or Recession. Or Meltdown. Whatever you (or the media) want to call it.

    You get what I’m saying though. Business isn’t just about winning when the times are good and everyone is fat and happy. ...

  • Bigger Business = More Family Time

    Episode 22

    Today’s episode is a case study with Curtis and Channell Murray of 180 Kitchens: A kitchen cabinet refacing business based in Vancouver BC. Listen carefully now okay? In one short year, they accomplished the following.

    -They increased their top line revenue by 250%
    -They moved their net profit...

  • Contractor Hiring Q's Answered

    Episode 21

    About 2 months ago we put on our first digital Contractor Evolution Summit where we focused on recruiting and hiring.

    We had so many questions during the live event that we couldn’t get to them all so here are an additional 9 questions that were too good not to respond to.

    By the end of this ep...

  • The New Way To Recruit In The Trades

    Episode 20

    When it comes to solving business problems there will always be hundreds of theoretical or formulaic sounding answers floating around out there.

    There is certainly value in these more textbook concepts, but one of the best ways we entrepreneurs learn is by simply listening to how other entrepr...

  • How to Implement a CRM Without Giving Yourself a Migraine

    Episode 19

    If you took a survey of contractors right after the implementation of their first CRM or Project Management tool, many of the responses you’d get would sound something like:

    - That was awful
    - My head nearly exploded
    - Truly the worst 6 months of my life for me and my team
    - I never want to go t...

  • Unlock Your Employees Full Potential

    Episode 18

    When people know and trust each other they’re more likely to collaborate together on important work, they’re more likely to be honest with each other when it counts, and your business will be better for it.

    Your employees need to form deeper relationships than simply “someone I work with” in o...

  • 5 Ways to Stay Out of Legal Trouble

    Episode 17

    You want to keep your A$$ out of trouble.

    All ventures, big and small, face some form of a legal risk. Whether you realize it or not, the business of contracting is on the riskier end of the spectrum.

    You put thousands of hours of work and millions of dollars every year into growing your compa...

  • How to Stop Just Dreaming & Start Empire Building

    Episode 16

    In this episode of Contractor Evolution, we sat down with a guest we've been trying to pin down for a while, Luke Hansen.

    Luke is the founder and CEO of CompanyCam, our favorite photo storage, and site management app. Company Cam is purpose-built for contractors. It is an intuitive platform to...

  • Get Things To Go Your Way With Active Listening

    Episode 15

    There is one skill out there that very few people try to engage in. But, well execution leads to stronger social connections and increases your ability to solve. That makes you a more interesting individual, builds trust, and increases your effectiveness as a leader.

    That skill is active listen...

  • The Best Way to Find great Talent Abroad

    Episode 14

    Have you ever considered bringing in skilled workers from abroad?

    Think about it… you as an entrepreneur can’t find the people you need at home, so the next logical step is to seek help elsewhere. If overcoming the labor shortage and growing your business is something you care about, immigratio...

  • Lead Hard Convos With these 5 Steps

    Episode 13

    The Los Angeles Rams have a mantra on the wall of their locker room. That mantra is- The standard is the standard.

    It serves as a reminder to the team that the standard is non-negotiable. Excellence is self-evident, and it is always the goal. No, if’s and's or but’s.

    Now, the actual results m...

  • Build A Business That Serves Your Life Plan

    Episode 12

    While business tactics, skills, and systems make up a big part of our discussions on the show, we’d be remiss to not also talk about the importance of having a balanced life outside the walls of your business.

    A lot of you are husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, community members, fitness...

  • Sell the Job Before You Get To The Close

    Episode 11

    In a chess match, a player’s first sequence of moves is known as an “opening”. The opening is a memorized series of 8 to 12 moves that, ideally, sets up the chess game in an advantageous way for the player.

    Execute the right opening and you’ve created some leverage for yourself. Execute the ...

  • Drawing the Line Early

    Episode 10

    James is the Director of Training and Development at Breakthrough Academy who trains over 450 contractors. He’s hired and conducted expectations meetings for 100’s of staff all the way from laborers to executives. ...

  • Interviewing Fundamentals

    Episode 9

    James is at the helm of 1-800-Got-Junk, a brand doing 490 million dollars a year in revenue, and has done literally thousands of interviews to build power house teams.

    In Episode 5 we cover how to understand a candidate - not just in terms of what is on their resume, but their deep rooted wiring...

  • Filter Out the Time Wasters

    Episode 8

    Danny is the managing director at Breakthrough Academy, a company that coaches over 450 Contracting Businesses to implement efficient systems and allows the owners to step away from the day-to-day.

    Episode 4 will show you how to prioritize and convert our best applicants into interviews. Stop wa...

  • Active Recruiting Tactics

    Episode 7

    Asad is the CEO of Sales Talent Agency, an international recruiting agency that has helped acquire talent for over 1,500 companies including Harley Davidson, IBM, Salesforce, and Sonos.

    Episode 3 focuses on getting a large number of candidates in the door. Making a great hire is impossible if yo...

  • Writing a Job Ad for A-Players

    Episode 6

    Josianne Guadette runs Crew HR and over her extensive 18-year career she's been involved in the hiring of over 600 roles for her huge book of clients.

    Episode 2 breaks down a super easy-to-follow framework that will have you writing compelling job postings that attract the best candidate. And do...

  • How to Build an Ideal Candidate Profile

    Episode 5

    Josianne Guadette runs Crew HR and over her extensive 18-year career she's been involved in the hiring of over 600 roles for her huge book of clients.

    Episode 1 covers how to make an Ideal Candidate Profile which is the primary building block for any hiring funnel.
    Think about it - you can't hir...

  • High Level Leadership

    Episode 4

    Every once in a while, Igor and I like to go through listener questions and really get a grip on the challenges you’re going through daily.

    So in this week’s episode of contractor evolution, I’ve sifted through a few hundred listeners/member questions and selected 5 on leadership.

    Based on the ...

  • Build Your Management Team

    Episode 3

    A growing company needs people to step up and lead divisions, initiatives, and small teams.

    While this may be plainly obvious to you, what is less clear is how to assess whether or not someone has what it takes to step to the plate and be a driving force in your business.

    What traits do you i...

  • Improve Your Sales Closing Ratio

    Episode 2

    When you add up all the quotes, estimates, proposals (whatever you call them) that you do in a year and consider the sheer volume of sales opportunities your business has every season, you realize that even a slight boost in efficiency has a massive impact on how much revenue you sell.

    If you ...