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Watch this video and more on PCA Overdrive

Ask A Painter

Business Standards and Deliverables

Season 7, Episode 4 • 1h 8m

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  • Effective Standard Operating Procedures

    The first thing each firm should learn is how to create a tried-and-true method. It is critical in the painting industry to understand what coating goes on what substrate with what equipment. Our processes must not fail since we all want satisfied customers. SOPs are the written documentation of ...

  • Essential Job Costing Tips

    Job costing is the most basic thing you can do to improve your business, reduce stress, and provide better service to your customers, apprentices, and craftspeople. So, what specifically is job costing? And how can you do it effectively? In this episode, Nick Slavik gives us the most important jo...

  • Don't Underprice Your Work!

    There's no point in selling yourself short. Underpricing your work can destroy your business by sending the wrong message to your customers.

    In this episode, Nick Slavik discusses how to efficiently price your job depending on a variety of elements such as your market rate, production rates, an...