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Ask A Painter

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A collection of Nick Slavik's most popular Ask A Painter episodes by season.

Ask A Painter
  • Marketing and tech with Nick Ornitz

    In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick Slavik talks to Nick Ornitz, about Marketing and tech in trades. Topline Pro wants to take the burden off the shoulders of professionals so they can concentrate on customers.

    Topline Pro is built for home services professionals to get discovered, build trus...

  • Recap of Steps to Professionalization Series

    In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick will recap the Professionalization mini-series. He covered industry-related topics and shared insights on succeeding those throughout the series:

    AAP 345: SOPs
    AAP 346: Cabinets
    AAP 347: Estimating
    AAP 348: Marketing
    AAP 350: Deliverables/Standards
    AAP 351:...

  • Team Development Strategy

    In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick shows what REALLY makes a world-class team in this show!

    The value and benefits of team-building activities are widely recognized by company owners. Businesses that prioritize these tasks get a variety of advantages, including increased output, improved com...

  • Goal Tracking

    What happens after Job Costing? Good Leaders use goal tracking to detect patterns and make data-based decisions to improve their businesses!
    If you'd like the resources from this show and my 'Steps to Professionalization' document email me [email protected] and mention this topic and show nu...

  • Closing speech at PCA EXPO

    One of my duties is to communicate a vision for the 140-year-old organization. I do that here, as well as make my big ‘ask’ of the master craftspeople and trades entrepreneurs in our industry.

    I think I’ve only done 2 of these ‘not live’ shows in the past 6 years. This short video is that impor...

  • Understanding Job Costing

    Job Costing is arguably the secret to running any successful business. Find out why in this show!

    Nick outlines three elements of Job costing:
    -Tracking materials and labor.
    -Foundational data.
    -Critical to solving all of the common problems.

    Watch the full episode to learn in-depth.

    If you'd ...

  • Industry Standards and Deliverables

    In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick Slavik addresses the must-have standards and deliverables for the painting business:

    -Job description
    -Competency/Metric based pay scale
    -GSR: Goal setting & review Process
    -Employment Standards / Handbook
    - Training
    - Accountability

    Furthermore, nick ...

  • Takeover with the Legends

    Episode 6

    In this episode, Nick Slavik hosts a special show from Minnesota at the Retreat with Nick Slavik Ask. This Retreat brings together the most significant public intellectuals in the sector to engage in thought leadership activities, strategies, and experiences in order to get fresh perspectives on ...

  • Marketing for Contractors

    Episode 5

    In this episode of Ask a Pinter, Nick Slavik discusses marketing. If you want to develop your customer base and scale your organization, your marketing activities must be at the center of your business strategy.

    The most critical component of any direct marketing effort is knowing your audience....

  • A Guide to Project Estimating

    Episode 4

    In this episode of Ask a Pinter, Nick Slavik is back with yet another Mastering the basics- Estimating show.

    The appropriate pricing estimate will allow you to differentiate yourself from other painting firms by presenting your services to clients in a competitive and expert manner.
    However, y...

  • Cabinetry and Trim Work Process

    Episode 3

    In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick Slavik takes us through his thorough process of Cabinet and Trim Work process.

    Flooring and cabinets are frequently put in at the same time. The same as with flooring, installing cabinets after the painting is crucial. This step covers everything from kitch...

  • Steps to Professionalization

    Episode 2

    In this episode of Ask a painter, Nick Slavik discusses 'Mastering the Basics: SOP"s this is 3 part mini master class series, which is released weekly on how to professionalize your business.

    First show of the year, here Nick shares his thoughts on what makes any business successful. Having a p...

  • 2023 Scheduling Strategy

    Episode 50

    In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick Slavik talks about different topics from marketing to planning and strategizing business for 2023.

    All shows at 8 am CST
    7 Jan: SOPs
    14 Jan: Estimating
    21 Jan: Marketing
    28 Jan: Deliverables/Standards
    4 Feb: Job Costing
    11 Feb: Goal Tracking
    18 Feb: Team D...