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A collection of Nick Slavik's most popular Ask A Painter episodes by season.

Ask A Painter
  • Color Match SOP

    Episode 37

    In a special midweek episode of Ask a Painter, Nick Slavik talks thoroughly about the master's class. Topics related to the painting industry, such as color matching. Nick elaborates how technology has made it easier to find out the perfect color you want. He further addresses tricks and ways to ...

  • Live From Boxblind

    Episode 36

    In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick Slavik covers various questions such as master's class and different topics related to the painting industry, how to be a painting business owner, and more upcoming industry events, live from NickSlavik Farms.

  • Fall Deck Finishing

    Episode 35

    In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick Slavik takes us through various steps of Deck Finishing for Fall in depth and more about the upcoming Master Class with Nick Slavik hosted by SurfPrep Sanding.

  • Live From a Wilderness

    Episode 34

    Nick Slavik and Amy Slavik hosted a live retreat from August 30th to September 2nd in Nisswa, MN. Connected with like-minded people in accountability, inspiration, and introspection; all while you enjoy the outdoors.

  • The Importance of Scheduling

    Episode 33

    It's simple to say that you want to double your revenue. But, as we all know, it's much easier said than done. Your goals will become more tangible if you are prepared with a realistic schedule.
    This is particularly true for contractors that work with a variety of workers, some of whom are paid ...

  • Productive Solutions and Roller Systems

    Episode 32

    In this episode of Ask a Painter live, Nick Slavik talks about Sherwin-Williams Pro+ductive Solutions & Purdy 14” Roller System.
    Furthermore, he answers these questions relating to the industry:
    -Want to improve job site production?
    -How about getting paint delivered to your job sites?

  • Emerald Rain Refresh

    Episode 31

    In this episode, Nick Slavik talks about exterior painting SOP featuring Sherwin-Williams Emerald Rain Refresh!

    Email [email protected] for a copy of this SOP!

  • Exterior Fine Finishing

    Episode 30

    In this episode, Nick shows you SOP for stripping, prepping, staining, and varnishing exterior wood projects like front entry doors using my favorite Minwax stuff!

  • SOP for Metal Siding and Trim

    Episode 29

    In this episode, Nick Slavik talks about SOP for Metal siding and trim!
    -Coating Selection

  • Why Data Is Important

    Episode 28

    In this episode, Nick elaborates, why do we collect data? and Why do we do Job Costing?. He further addresses how all of this data is used.

    Q2 data of his company, a new product from Purdy, give away, and more!

  • Toning/Shading Cabinets, Trim and Furniture

    Episode 27

    In this episode, Nick opens up the process that he has developed over the years for adding deeper, richer tones to previously stained items.

  • Create a Unique Value Proposition

    Episode 26

    In this episode, Nick Slavik addresses industry business insights.
    And further asks for audience input!
    What is different about business this year?
    Economic Indicators
    -spring rush
    -the cost of lead acquisition
    -mobile employment
    -deferred projects
    -twitchy-ness of citizens
    And all of your qu...

  • Hoist Owner John Jacob

    Episode 25

    In this episode, Nick talks to John Jacob the owner of Hoist. The conversion rate from leads to customers is never 100 percent. This is why the primary goal of lead generation is to generate quality leads that can be used to fill the sales funnel. It goes without saying how important it is to get...

  • State of The Business

    Episode 24

    In this episode of Ask a Painter Live, Nick opens up about
    -Current state of the company
    -Yearly goal progress
    -All of your questions and topic suggestions

  • Craftsperson vs Entrepreneur

    Episode 23

    In this episode, Nick Slavik discusses Building systems and learning from the entrepreneur. Even if the craftsman doesn't want to stop creating, he can nevertheless include routine into his daily schedule to maximize his creative production - essentially establishing a system around himself. Reco...

  • Exterior Painting SOP

    Episode 22

    Painting your home's exterior is a major undertaking. However, the benefits outweigh the risks. You'll save thousands of dollars, extend the life of your siding and trim, and raise the value of your home with a small investment in equipment and materials. To paint crisp, straight lines, you'll ne...

  • Staining and Varnishing Wood

    Episode 21

    In this episode, Nick Slavik talks about staining and varnishing wood. The purpose of wood stain is to modify the color of the wood by soaking it. It does not provide any form of protection. On the other hand, the Wood varnish is a protective covering that lays on top of the wood and works as a w...

  • Interior Brush and Roller Basics

    Episode 20

    In this episode, Nick Slavik discusses A paint roller is a quick and easy way to change the look of your home's interior and exterior walls. While paintbrushes may appear to be the more convenient option, using a paint roller Instead, will save you a lot of time. Paint rollers cover more surface ...

  • Driving Through Pennsylvania

    Episode 19

    In this Episode, of Ask A Painter live, Nick Slavik drives through Pennsylvania with Jason Paris and discusses the perks and benefits of becoming a PCA member. Open up insights about what PCA members versus non-members get. Furthermore, Nick and Jason address how PCA has added value to their prof...

  • Go-To Exterior Brushes

    Episode 18

    In this episode, Nick showcases his favorite brushes from Purdy and demonstrates why they are foundational to his exterior painting processes.

  • Trimaco Product Review

    Episode 17

    Nick Slavik reviews Trimaco's Pull Over Painters Pants and takes questions from viewers.

  • All About Decks

    Episode 16

    In this episode, Nick gives an in-depth insight about prep, chemicals, tools, equipment, coatings, and setting proper expectations for decks, fences, and other outdoor wood projects.

  • Create an Abundance Mindset

    Episode 15

    In this episode, Nick Slavik Live from the wilderness. He discusses the best leadership and business lessons learned: Above the Line / Below the Line and more!

  • A Guide to Wood Finishing

    Episode 14

    In honor of National Woodworking Month, Nick Slavik discusses the process of wood staining, techniques, insights for wood finishing, and more in this episode!