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Watch this video and more on PCA Overdrive

Ask A Painter

International Alliance of Professional Painters

Season 6, Episode 40 • 42m

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    Who hasn't heard stereotypes about professional painters in our industry? There are always stereotypes, regardless of where the painter is from. Painter stereotypes not only harm painters' reputations and craftsmanship, but they also make the painting industry a target for prejudice and contempt...

  • Bringing Hope & Professionalism

    Every career journey begins with a good instructor who inspires you to choose one path over another. Join Nick Slavik as he interviews Ronie Santos about his beginnings in the painting industry. In this episode, Ronie explains why and how he transitioned from professional painter to vocational tr...

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    Developing objectives and strategies that align with your company's goals is a critical component to provide guidance and growth opportunities to your company. That's why one of the most vital processes for businesses is annual planning. Join Nick Slavik as he talks about how to improve your comp...