Ask A Painter

Ask A Painter

9 Seasons

A collection of Nick Slavik's most popular Ask A Painter episodes by season.

Ask A Painter
  • Any Topic! Any Question!

    Episode 1

    Grab a coffee, and enjoy a flashback on live questions with Nick.

  • Bookkeeping for Painters

    Episode 2

    Grab some expert advice from expert speakers. Discussing a wide array of topics in the painting/accounting department.

  • Do This Before Hiring

    Episode 3

    Tips on pre-employment work, and screening.
    As always any topic or question on the show is answered.

  • Coffee with Nick in the War Room

    Episode 4

    I’m getting ready for a show all about answering the question: “what do you charge for X?”
    How can I best help you and your business with estimating?

  • How to Estimate

    Episode 5

    The most common question the channel gets is "What do you charge for this?"
    In this video hear several different ways to get your answer.

  • How to Make SOP's

    Episode 6

    This is an important time of year to get some things done in our business's. Start with making a standard operating procedure.

  • The Value of a Craftsperson

    Episode 7

    Nick takes time to quantify the owner exit fallacy. These calculations use math to get out of the field and run your business.

  • The Elon Musk of Painting

    Episode 8

    Innovation and taking risks makes Jason Paris an obvious leader. Watch this episode to see why Jason is known as the Elon Musk of the painting industry.

  • Importance of SOPs

    Episode 9

    SOPs can help you solve common questions.

    Other questions from the audience include:
    Thoughts on customers who demand on supplying paint?

    If I have a small project like painting a door, or one side of a door, do you always start airless?

    What is your favorite exterior paint and sheen on a pre ...

  • The Perfect 5 Person Painting Company

    Episode 10

    You want to manage your own paint company? We talk about how to get there on this episode of Ask A Painter Live!

  • Restoration Lifestyle

    Episode 11

    What does it mean to live a restoration lifestyle? Find out on this episode of Ask A Painter Live!

  • Open Show

    Episode 12

    Nick Slavik takes viewers questions and hits on a variety of topics.

  • ProSite & ProPhone

    Episode 13

    Nick Ornitz & Brihu Sundararaman discuss how ProSite streamlines website creation and even build a site live on the show. They also give preview of an upcoming, complimentary program - ProPhone, which will keep all your business communications in one place.

  • The Basics of Wood Finishing

    Episode 14

    Nick Slavik breaks down the basics of wood finishing, including staining and clear coating.

  • The Standard

    Episode 15

    Nick takes viewer questions and discusses a variety of topics, including the standards that he has set in his company.

  • 4 Day Work Week

    Episode 16

    Nick Slavik discusses the benefits of having a 4 day work week with 10 hour days as opposed to the traditional 5 day week with 8 hour days.

  • Theory of Decks

    Episode 17

    Nick Slavik discusses everything you need to know about decks, including the theory and science behind it.

  • Restoration Basics of a Historic Home

    Episode 18

    Nick Slavik discusses his process of restoring the exterior of historic homes.

  • Trends in the Industry

    Episode 19

    Nick Slavik discusses a variety of topics including trends in the painting industry.

  • 5 Year Anniversary

    Episode 20

    Nick Slavik celebrates the 5 year anniversary of the Ask A Painter Live! show. Listen as he reminisces with several guests.

  • Estimator Andy

    Episode 21

    Nick Slavik sits down with Estimator Andy to dicuss his origin story, his philosophy on estimating and more.

  • Pratt & Lambert Join the PCA

    Episode 22

    Nick Slavik reviews several products from Pratt & Lambert.

  • Northeast Tour Recap

    Episode 23

    In this episode, Nick Slavik recaps his northeast tour. He discusses his time with Noah Kantor and his takeaways from the weekend.

  • The Origin Story of Painters

    Episode 24

    Nick Slavik has a conversation with Tanner Mullen about his origin story in the business, his biggest takeaways from being a business owner and more.