Pain(t) Points

Pain(t) Points

The Pain(t) Points Podcast [the first t is silent] is the podcast meant to address the road blocks felt by painting contractors, by a painting contractor. We will dive into setting up a painting business, and walk along side The Paint Professor as he ventures into scaling up, along with some pretty neat interviews along the way. This is not the be all end all to business setup. Rather it is aimed to get you out of your comfort zone and stretch in your business, whether it be in revenue, crew size or craftsmanship.

Pain(t) Points
  • The Niche

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    In this episode, Christian invites Noah Kantor, the founder of Nth Degree Painting in Burlington, Vt; also the host of the popular PCA series, Advice From a Young Tradesman. We discuss his path into the painting industry, and ...

  • The Recruitment Strategy

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    In this episode, Christian invites Dawn Sipley, founder of Sipley the Best, a boutique HR firm. They discuss what is recruitment, when it should be done, and highlight several tactics that you can implement in your business to...

  • The Health Benefits Alliance

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    Steve Wilson: Cell: 7732036104 Email: [email protected]

    In this episode, Christian invites Steve Wilson of CBiz to discuss The Health Benefits Alliance that is offered through the PCA. We discuss what it is, how it impact...

  • The Impackedful Creative

    In this episode, Christian invites Natalie Johnson, of Impackedful Creative, a marketing agency that focuses on branding, graphic design and web design. We discuss what branding is, what it means and the impact is should have in your business.
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  • The Herbal Painter NH

    In this episode, Christian talks to Kayla Jordan, theherbalpainter_nh, about her career in the trades. They highlight how rewarding the painting industry is, how she is mastering her craft while providing a quality lifestyle for her family. This interview brings to light that there is so much opp...

  • The Onboarding Plan

    In this episode, Christian invites Julie Ethan, the director of education at PCA, The Painting Contractor's Association. They break down why your business needs an onboarding plan, what an onboarding plan should include, and how it will ultimately lead to a more professionalized business.


  • The Google Business Profile

    In this episode, Christian explains what the Google Business Profile is, how to begin setting it up and why it should be the first step you take when establishing your presence online.

  • The Striking Brand

    In this episode, Christian talks with Melissa Jacob of Striking Brand in Central Florida. They discuss how she came across videography, started her business and reveal a few points to consider when hiring a professional videographer.

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  • The Hershberger Painting Company

    In this week's episode, Christian invites Doug Hershberger, of Hershberger Painting in Sarasota, FL. We dive into Doug's history in growing up in the trades, his viewpoints on how the trades have changed, while uncovering some of the pain(t) points in his company, both past and current.

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  • The Shop

    In this episode, Christian takes you along as he recollects The Paint Professor's journey in acquiring and upgrading to their workshop.

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  • The Centurion Wood Coating

    In this episode, Christian invites John Lafleur of Centurion Wood Coatings. We discuss the popular polyurethane coatings, why polyurethane and which coatings systems to use for specific applications. Plus, John reveals the very FIRST The Pain(t) Points Podcast Exclusive!

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  • The Sales System

    In this episode, Christian goes through the sales system that is currently used at The Paint Professor.
    From fielding the call, to follow up and documentation.

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  • Procedures

    In this episode Christian continues on the topic of systems, the benefits of documentation at any level, and walks us through how he started basic documentation of the standard operating procedures for The Paint Professor.

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  • The Systems for Sustainability

    I have noticed that while I have always had things ‘systematized’ (in my brain) the more that I document these processes, the more it frees up my mental space to push my trade, improve efficiencies and provide less stress overall. In this episode, we invite Chris Moore, of Elite Business Advisors...

  • The Entrepreneur Equation

    In this episode we introduce The Entrepreneur Equation by Carol Roth.
    This is a fantastic book that serves as an outline to your own litmus test for starting your own business. We explore some updated labor statistics and open the conversation to small business alternatives.

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  • The Competition

    Every year, more and more paint is sold. Every year, more and more projects are completed. All of this, in spite of local competition.

    In this episode, we explore what is our competition and who really controls it.

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  • The Genesis

    In this first episode, you are introduced to The Paint Professor as he describes his entrepreneurial start, what his goals are and what paint points he is working through.

    The goal of this podcast is to start the conversation for a true representation of the "average" painting company size in th...