EXPO - The Best Industry Event

Hosted in a different destination each year, EXPO is PCA's must-attend national convention dedicated to all professionals in the architectural coatings industry.

If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to connect with national and even international colleagues and manufacturers, EXPO is the place you need to be this year. Aside from the enhanced networking opportunities provided by EXPO, you can't miss the invaluable educational sessions and first-hand access to industry forecasts and trending information.

Enjoy this sneak peek into some of educational material featured at EXPO. We look forward to seeing you in person.

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  • EXPO 2022 Sessions

    12 items

    Get a feel for EXPO by watching and listening to selected content from 2022.

    Learn more about EXPO:

  • EXPO 2020 Sessions

    14 items

    Enjoy these audio recordings from EXPO 2020.

  • Go Inside EXPO

    Follow us for an in-depth view of the EXPO. Relive the fun or experience it for the first time in this EXPO documentary!