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  • Give Back at EXPO

    Episode 19

    You have a chance to give back to our host city of Albuquerque by participating in the pre-EXPO Paint-It-Forward project on February 21.

    The Gibson Health Hub has deep historical ties to the local community. Formerly a hospital, many residents recall their children born or urgent care needs trea...

  • Recycling Made Easy: PCA TODAY

    Episode 18

    Callie Yow talks about her journey into the painting trade and how PaintCare can help contractors recycle left-over paint with FREE large volume pickup.

    Learn more about PaintCare

    Show Notes

    PaintCare Makes Paint Recycling E...

  • Abundance of Resources

    Episode 17

    Gratitude is on our mind.

    In this episode, you'll hear about a PCA member company, who has incorporated adoption into their mission and how they are matching $10K in donations to help children find families.

    Additionally, there are some new updates at PCA. A new business training course called...

  • The Reality of Safety

    Episode 16

    As a veteran painting business owner, Tim Flood thought he had his company's safety protocol in check. However, he soon had to reexamine and overhaul his safety procedures when a preventable ladder accident caused serious injury and ultimately death to one of his crew members.

    Tim talks about th...

  • PCA Unmasked

    Episode 15

    Chad and Prithvi talk about the aftermath of the entire PCA Team suffering from COVID. They also share their fun and mischievous childhood Halloween adventures.

    Moving to the exciting part of the episode, over 30 people have registered for Paint-It-Forward, and press coverage is starting to com...

  • The Paint Professor

    Episode 14

    The Paint Professor - Christian Vale recently attended the Sherwin-Williams Pro Show in Florida. Networking with other contractors, learning about new products and tools and meeting local reps are just a few ways Christian feels Pro Shows can help painting contractors. He also talks about the imp...

  • Document, Document, Document!

    Episode 13

    Photos and Videos aren't just for social media anymore. Michael Gogan discusses how CompanyCams platform can help you create SOPs for training, productivity, and safety. He also talks about how the software can help create those perfect before and after photos for marketing.

    PCA Members (free tr...

  • Time to Level Up

    Episode 12

    Chad and Prithvi discuss enhancements to PCA’s new member portal, upcoming events, discounts, new articles and must-see videos streaming on PCA Overdrive.

    PPG reveals their color of the year, and Prithvi gives a tech tip on exact color matching.

    While student loan forgiveness might be in the ca...

  • The Essence of Giving Back

    Episode 11

    Josh Abramson, owner of ALLBRiGHT Painting and founder of the Paint-It-Forward movement discusses what PCA has done for his business, the importance of giving back to your local community and the upcoming PCA Paint-It-Forward event in October.

    From now until Sept. 15, PCA member companies can re...

  • What's Good this Summer

    Episode 10

    Chad and Prithvi discuss their summer adventures. While Chad has been on the road filming content for PCA, Prithvi has been dealing with stray cats and improving the member portal experience.

    You'll get a sneak peak into the new member portal, which goes live Aug. 15. Additionally, you'll learn ...

  • Health Coverage Options

    Episode 9

    Chad and Steve discuss health coverage for the painting industry, historical issues in getting coverage, and how the Health Benefit Alliance brings this elusive option to your company.

    Steve talks about how Health Benefit Alliance is the solution to this problem. HBA can help employers provide ...

  • Industry Survey Says...

    Episode 8

    Chad and Prithvi discuss findings from PCA's annual industry survey - average revenue, top business challenges, most used resources, and more.

    Painter Training - Interior Level 2 is now out!

    Additionally, June is packed full of PCA events - check our show notes to see if there's one coming your...

  • 10X Your Reviews

    Episode 7

    Getting customer reviews can be difficult. But it doesn't have to be.

    In this episode of PCA TODAY, we talk to one of our industry partners - NiceJob. They recently helped us get more than 100 reviews from our annual event - EXPO through their simple-to-use automation software.

    Curtis Davey of ...

  • Spring into Resources

    Episode 6

    Are you prepared for the everything this Spring has in store for you? In this episode, Chad and Prithvi discuss some of the resources from PCA that can make your recruiting and training season easier.

    From Painter Training to exclusive recruiting and hiring series streaming on PCA Overdrive, we'...

  • Recruiting Season is Here!

    Episode 5

    Are you prepared to hire the best this season? Taking a sales and marketing approach to recruiting, will pay dividends in the long run and fill your business with the top talent you deserve.

    Benji Carlson from Breakthrough Academy (BTA) comes on to discuss the fundamentals of hiring and recruiti...

  • Clarity in Vision

    Episode 4

    Lauren Fink went from a career in journalism to become a painting contractor. Her first year has gone smoother than most, and she attributes a lot of her early success to the resources and connections she's made at PCA.

    Watch as Lauren discusses her path into the trade, her first EXPO, and how P...

  • Riding a High

    Episode 3

    PCA is growing! Look no further than the buzz and enthusiasm generated at this year's EXPO. Chad and Prithvi recap the annual event, and they also share reviews from attendees.

    From there, they dive into PCA's ever-expanding ecosystem, which includes streaming content on PCA Overdrive, online pa...

  • Have a Sense of Urgency

    Episode 2

    The painting industry has career paths for everyone. Listen as Chris Moore shares his journey from college painter to a business owner.

    Being able to develop a painting business during a college internship opened up countless doors for Chris. He now runs Elite Business Advisors where he helps bu...

  • Don't be a Martyr

    Episode 1

    Jason Paris stops by to discuss his journey into the the trades, how he got involved with PCA, and the new Business Accelerator program, which will allow contractors to fast-track their business development.

    The program will be unveiled at PCA EXPO - March 2-4 in Orlando, Florida.