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Watch this video and more on PCA Overdrive

Map To A Million

What Service Business Should I Take to a Million?

Season 1, Episode 1 • 12m

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  • Picking a Name

    Now that we know which service business are we scaling to a million, how do we choose the name?

    The name of the business is gonna be very very important: it's how our customers try to connect with us, how they would remember our brand, so it needs to be the best! The tips, tricks and the actual...

  • DESTROY Your Competition!!

    What REALLY sets you apart from your competitors in your service business??

    This is a really important question to ask yourself if you want to grow your business. Its a must to establish some key competitive differentiators, along with my menu of services early on - so you can completely destro...

  • Creating a Killer Brand

    Designing a multi-million dollar BRAND - and how to get the VANITY phone number of your DREAMS!!

    Brands are never less - In fact, since we are starting up with a small amount of cash, getting a killer brand will sure be a sizable chunk out of your budget. I hope that communicates how I find it i...