Map To A Million

Map To A Million

16 Episodes

Ten years ago, Brandon found himself stuck, broke and exhausted trying to build his business - he just couldn't see the next steps! He knew he needed a Map, but it didn’t exist, so he built it himself.

This MAP delivered his family and his time freedom and success far beyond his wildest dreams. Now he is sharing this MAP for all to see. Come join him as he takes a brand new service business from zero to seven figures, and without working on the truck.

If you'd like to learn more how to systemize and grow your own service business - check out his 2 programs :

MAPS Mastery :
A community of like minded entrepreneurs, along with an online library showing how to systemize 40 different areas of your service business.

CONQUER® Mastermind :
Work one-on-one and in small groups with 7-figure service business owners - actually implementing what you are learning. CONQUER is an exclusive mastermind group with done-for-you systems, checklists and resources to grow your business to an automated, turn-key company.

Map To A Million
  • What Service Business Should I Take to a Million?

    Episode 1

    I want to find an answer to a burning question in my heart - what would happen if I start a business from scratch? And what are the exact steps I will take to grow it to a 7-figure-fully-automated business that runs without me.

    So let's start this incredible journey with picking what service bu...

  • Picking a Name

    Episode 2

    Now that we know which service business are we scaling to a million, how do we choose the name?

    The name of the business is gonna be very very important: it's how our customers try to connect with us, how they would remember our brand, so it needs to be the best! The tips, tricks and the actual...

  • DESTROY Your Competition!!

    Episode 3

    What REALLY sets you apart from your competitors in your service business??

    This is a really important question to ask yourself if you want to grow your business. Its a must to establish some key competitive differentiators, along with my menu of services early on - so you can completely destro...

  • Creating a Killer Brand

    Episode 4

    Designing a multi-million dollar BRAND - and how to get the VANITY phone number of your DREAMS!!

    Brands are never less - In fact, since we are starting up with a small amount of cash, getting a killer brand will sure be a sizable chunk out of your budget. I hope that communicates how I find it i...

  • Creating The DREAM TEAM

    Episode 5

    No multi-million-dollar, fully-automated business is run by a single individual so let's go find some Rockstar to join the Wise Coatings Team....

    What really makes a great team? One of the biggest struggles we have now is getting good TALENT on your team. And what's true on team sports also is t...

  • The Most Epic Website

    Episode 6

    Starting up a business is definitely not all fun: let's tick some boxes on the BORING task and get an EPIC Website!

    One of the most important steps in setting up a new service business is getting all the legalities signed and documented. But also similarly important, is having an EPIC web presen...

  • How to Make a $1M Growth Plan

    Episode 7

    How do we get to a Million Dollars revenue in 12 months? Math is the Path!

    $1,000,000 definitely doesn't happen by chance. It takes hours of planning and execution. And in this episode I lay out the breakdown of my exact budget plan for building a million dollar company - Warning! Some really ju...

  • Leasing vs. Buying a Work Van

    Episode 8

    We are getting our first official van! It's time for some Van-shopping!!

    There's a lot of debate on leasing vs. buying a service vehicle for a home service business. Which one fits our Map to a Million?

    I'm Brandon Vaughn, Chief Strategist of CONQUER® - join me as I take a brand new service bu...

  • How We Got Our First Job Without Paying for a Lead

    Episode 9

    We got our first job! So, how do you get work?

    We started by simply making some phone calls!! I coach Tanner to make some phone calls to his warm network and we land our first couple of jobs. It is definitely a very busy couple of weeks but we are getting actual work done.

    I'm Brandon Vaughn...

  • How to Interview and Hire Your First Employee

    Episode 10

    It's time to level up the production team!

    Hiring the first employee for your home service business is setting the standard of how your team is going to look like. We want a dedicated step by step process set up, from having offer letters to asking the right questions to every single one of the ...

  • We Almost Went BANKRUPT

    Episode 11

    Only $50 left… Is it all worth it?

    With such aggressive growth plans, I know starting out with a 15k budget was gonna be tight. Now, with payroll almost coming up, I can only count on the first few jobs to cover whatever is needed, - but that cushion quickly vanished. So we went $50 close to ban...

  • Wrapping and Up Fitting Our First Van

    Episode 12

    To scale a service business quickly - we know that Marketing is the key. And in my personal opinion, one of the best investments you can make is your vehicle wrap.

    Whether you are driving next to thousands of vehicles or just parked out in a neighborhood - everyone who sees the brand will remem...

  • Critical Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Service Business to $100,000/ month

    Episode 13

    I get asked all the time - what are our top Marketing Strategies?

    In the first 4 months of our new home service business, we grow from $0 to $100k a month. Marketing is like a skeleton key that opens up any door - if you can become proficient at marketing, you can literally open up the floodgat...

  • We Got a Shop!

    Episode 14

    We are so excited to set up our Shop!

    Getting a shop and how it's set up has a lot of Marketing impact on your potential employees. And though sometimes it's really difficult to justify the cost of renting because it's a huge expense, just imagine how this will boost your employees morale. They ...

  • Hiring an Office Manager

    Our Team is GROWING, and it's growing FAST!

    We've gone from 0 to 7 employees in four months. And I've shared with you how we've hired that very first employee.

    For this episode, let me take you in and share how we've decided (and budgeted) to hire our Office Manager who will be working for us...

  • Season Finale - ZERO to $100K

    Episode 16

    I took a brand new service business from ZERO to $100,000 in only 4 months! How is that even possible?!

    It all started with a crazy idea; overwhelming comments of support from you guys, and $15,000 as startup cash - and four months later, I am running a floor coating service business that is now...