PCA Overdrive

  • Coating Concrete and Masonry 101


    Experts Steve Hudye and Pete Donati will dive deep into the world of concrete coatings, offering valuable insights and practical knowledge on this challenging substrate. From understanding the composition of concrete to exploring its various applications and the unique challenges it poses, this e...

  • Sustainable Growth


    This rockstar panel breakdowns the reality of scaling and the fundamentals you have to have in order to thrive during rapid growth.

    Panelists include - Zach Kenney, Corrie Leister, Brandon Vaughn and Danny Kerr

  • What If: Fast-Formulas for Profit, Planning, & Production Management


    What if you knew how many employees you needed to get to $2M in revenue?

    What if you knew how much you needed to charge per hour to make a 40% margin?

    Imagine the power of having a fast-calculator in front of you to help you instantly envision initiatives to add profit to your bottom line.


  • PCA Minute

    In this PCA Minute, we have Hiring, Recruiting and Retention resources, Painter Training and a Behr Sweepstakes.

    Painter Training

    Behr Sweepstakes

  • Implementing Painter Training

    Movie + 2 extras

    Education Director Julie Ethan and Contractor Larry Gehrke give an overview of PCA's Painter Training program along with strategies for implementation & ongoing training using this free member resource.

    Discover the methodology behind PCA's Painter Training
    Hear advice from industry experts on...

  • Giveaway Season

    Welcome to PCA Today, the official podcast of the Painting Contractors Association (PCA). In this episode, we discuss the resources available to help with hiring, training, and growth in the painting industry. We also cover the new releases on PCA Overdrive, the Industry Partners program, and the...

  • Business Foundations

    Get past the start-up phase with Business Foundations.

    Learn More: https://www.pcapainted.org/business-training/

  • Business Accelerator

    Getting past the $500K - $1M revenue threshold can be challenging for many companies. Professionalize and fast-track your growth with Business Accelerator.

    Learn More:

  • Marketing to Millennials

    Marketing to Millennials requires a strong web presence. Heidi Manning, from Angi will help you understand the millennial buyer and best practices for communication with this powerhouse buying demographic.

    3-4 Take Aways:
    How Millennials have become the largest demographic in home buying and ho...

  • Ultimate Hiring Funnel Series

    6 items

    So look - it is no secret that hiring is hard. Like really hard. Especially in our construction and trade industries.

    Labor shortages are a real thing, and yes, perhaps Millennials and Gen Z’ers aren't as gritty as older Generations may have been.

    And also yes, the government has paid a bunch o...

  • EXPO 2023 Sessions

    22 items

    All the sessions for EXPO 2023 hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Enjoy the idea rich content again & again! Includes breakout session speakers & panel discussions.

  • Women in Paint
    Movie + 15 extras

    Women in Paint

    Movie + 15 extras

    Four women from different backgrounds share their journey into the trade, what it takes to run a profitable business - the highs and lows, and encourage others to become successful entrepreneurs, just like them.

  • Lead with Love

    PCA members in action - showing what it means to be a leader in their business and within the industry.

  • A Postcard from PCA

    During the pandemic in 2020, we traveled to catch up with several of our east coast members. While everyone was extra busy, we found the passion for our craft resounded stronger than ever.

    Enjoy these highlights of our members in action.

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