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Watch this video and more on PCA Overdrive

Ask A Painter

Team Development Strategy

Season 8, Episode 43 • 1h 5m

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  • Goal Tracking

    What happens after Job Costing? Good Leaders use goal tracking to detect patterns and make data-based decisions to improve their businesses!
    If you'd like the resources from this show and my 'Steps to Professionalization' document email me [email protected] and mention this topic and show nu...

  • Closing speech at PCA EXPO

    One of my duties is to communicate a vision for the 140-year-old organization. I do that here, as well as make my big ‘ask’ of the master craftspeople and trades entrepreneurs in our industry.

    I think I’ve only done 2 of these ‘not live’ shows in the past 6 years. This short video is that impor...

  • Understanding Job Costing

    Job Costing is arguably the secret to running any successful business. Find out why in this show!

    Nick outlines three elements of Job costing:
    -Tracking materials and labor.
    -Foundational data.
    -Critical to solving all of the common problems.

    Watch the full episode to learn in-depth.

    If you'd ...