10 Contractor Quick Tools

10 Contractor Quick Tools

Breakthrough Academy's Contractor Quick Tools are ready-made resources specifically developed to help you professionalize and systemize your painting company operations.

Each tool includes a short video overview, simple directives to get you started, a complete example file to reference, and an editable template to start using immediately.

Download all the Quick Tools:

The Contractor Quick Tools are produced by Breakthrough Academy (BTA). They systemize contracting businesses for growth. Find out how BTA can take your business to the next level!

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10 Contractor Quick Tools

    Recruiting is the biggest challenge facing the industry. Everybody is talking about the ‘non-existent labor pool’ and ‘entitled workers,’ yadda, yadda, yadda.

    You’ve heard the complaints. There are always ‘A’ players looking for great opportunities, but most contractors have a brutal recruitmen...


    Stop hiring people just because they have a heartbeat, a pair of steel toe boots, and you’re behind on work. Making quick hires today KILLS your ability to build a business that scales with an A-Player team.

    Our tool will save you 1000s of hours down the line by giving you:

    - Ten character tr...


    Imagine an awkward first date with no prior conversation and no idea if you’re digging the other person in any way. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s what your interviews are like without a proper setup call. Such as a good, old voice-to-voice phone conversation that lasts 20 mins!

    You must ...


    Employment Agreements, Everybody needs them, but nobody wants to write them, are you feeling this? Without a clear employment agreement for every role in your company, you’re constantly clarifying who does what and undoubtedly dealing with a lot of finger-pointing.

    Enough with the schoolyard an...


    The #1 complaint from new staff is that they don’t receive proper training. You showed them what to do and left them with the right tools – what else do they need?

    It’s time to up your training game. so that you can retain productive employees. In this tool, you’ll get a structured system to t...

  • ⚒ BUDGET

    Imagine if you always knew your margins; every week, every month, every quarter! Time to quit holding your breath and waiting for your bookkeeper to tell you if you made money (#FinancialRoulette). You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so get your numbers ready…

    In this downloadable tool, we...


    What’s your vision for the company? Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years? If the answer is clueless, you’re not alone! Running a business is intense and full of curveballs. Making big moves without a strategic plan leaves you open to emotional decision-making, no Bueno.
    Strategic planning ...


    Being an owner is often a crazy balancing act between managing your role and pieces of everybody else’s role on your team. 70-hour workweeks, estimate all-nighters, and missed sales call while you’re too busy on the job site.

    Bluntly put, it’s mayhem and not sustainable. When you’re busy doing 1...


    The game is changing fast. Contractors who invest in building their tech stack have a huge advantage over their competitors when so much of the industry is still doing things manually. However, there is a closing window of opportunity on this.

    This tech stack tool will:

    - Streamline the prior...


    When it comes to compensation plans, it is the Wild West out there, it is too complex to understand. Bonuses are too small for the staff to care about, incentives don’t align with the company goals, or there aren’t simply any perks at all.

    For these reasons, pay is an incredibly superheated to...