2 Seasons

Sit down with Master certified painter Zach Kenney as he interviews craftspeople across the industry!

  • Stepping into Wet Paint

    Episode 2

    Mikey Lonsdale had no license or vehicle, and relied on a single paintbrush and Folgers coffee can. Fast forward to today, where he is now the proud proprietor of Wet Paint Painting Professionals. An advocate for the “work hard and work honorably" mentality, Mikey is living proof of this advice....

  • Painting the Big Apple

    Episode 3

    Ciaran Cassidy and Peter Jody Finglas of NYC Fine Finishes tell stories of high-end painting in the big apple. In addition, discussing topics such as networking, Instagram, and the importance of quality work.

  • Behind The Scenes with Fine Paints of Europe

    Episode 4

    In this episode of ZK Live we hear from the president of the Fine Paints of Europe, John Lahey III.

  • SuperStrata with Jonas Everets

    Episode 5

    There is no better person to run SuperStrata, an artisan management company, than Jonas Everets. As a former artisan, he has the experience and timbre to be an important resource for designers, architects, builders and developers alike. In this episode of ZK Live, Jonas explains his mission.

  • Stepping Back

    Episode 6

    Tim Perryman from Perryman Painting & Remodeling talks about the benefits of stepping back and downsizing your company.

  • A Family Business

    Episode 7

    Rick Holtz took over his father’s business after college, not knowing for certainty the future of the company. Rick has since then grown the business substantially and talks about the effect he had on the company and the company's effect on him.

  • Two Day Painting

    Episode 8

    Analytics and risk taking helps Garrett Martell from Two Day Painting succeed in the painting marketplace. Garrett is always trying to run his business to be new and innovative. He aims to improve his product and process. On this episode of ZK Live, Zach sits down with Garrett to chat about chara...

  • Training and Support

    Episode 9

    In this episode of ZK Live, Jason Paris from Paris Painting sat down with us to give us tips on managing a team.

  • Talking Wallpaper

    Episode 10

    In this episode of ZK Live Zach Kenney brings in David Cook to talk about his own business, what contributed to his success, and a story about his first very successful wallpaper job.

  • Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

    Episode 11

    How do you maintain a successful business but still make time for yourself. Nick Rochacewich gives us his secrets on having a work-life balance.

  • Hard Work & Dedication

    Episode 12

    Alejandro Sanchez from ASA Painters shares his incredible story of how he went from being homeless to owning his own paint company.

  • Decorative Dedication

    Episode 1

    Now an expert in decorative, faux finishes and murals, Iris Marcus wasn't always a pro. In this episode Iris tells us how her first job in an ice cream shop led her to where she is today.

  • Bringing Humanity to the Business

    Episode 13

    Faith from Oram Painting shares her incredible story of how she got into the painting industry and the hardships that she faced along the way.

  • Navigating Through the Pandemic

    Episode 14

    Brian Sedgeley from Festool USA discusses his backstory and how he helped establish Festool as a trusted brand in the U.S. He also talks about how the company navigated the pandemic.

  • Trust the Foundation

    Episode 15

    Dave Scaturro from Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors discuss how his family business has evolved and cemented itself in the industry as a high-caliber operation through building relationships and building trust as the foundation.

  • In the Field vs. In the Shop

    Episode 16

    Kate Schindler from Fine Grit discusses how she went from working the field to working in her own custom shop.

  • Rise Above the Rest

    Episode 17

    Gus Camolinga from McDermaid Painting discusses how he runs his successful company.

  • Staying True to Your Craft

    Episode 18

    Zack has a conversation with T.R.E.W. from Trew Colors about how he got started in the industry, how hard work and dedication got him to where he is now and his unique and innovative painting style.

  • Live Monologue

    Episode 19

    Zach Kenney gives a live monologue and discusses various issues in the painting industry.

  • The Highs & Lows of Entrepreneurship

    Episode 20

    Zach has a conversation with Jake Bresson from Bresson Painting about various issues and aspects of entrepreneurship.

  • Curating the World

    Episode 21

    Zach Kenney talks with Melanie from Boston Design Guide about her background and how she was able to build up her publication using high quality photography and featuring some of the best contractors in the industry.

  • The Business Cycle

    Episode 22

    Zach discusses the evolution of his company and how things have changed through time. He goes over both positive and negative anecdotes and explains what he learned from each one.

  • Architectural Styles

    Episode 23

    Meet Architectural Delight as they join Zach to discuss new projects, market perspectives, and the importance of design. This episode will give you all the cues to better understand architectural styles and industry trends.

  • Transferable Skills

    Episode 25

    Zach Kenney speaks with Chase Turner from Turner Painting. Join this discussion to learn more about the importance of transferable skills and family businesses in the painting and craftsman trades.