2 Seasons

Sit down with Master certified painter Zach Kenney as he interviews craftspeople across the industry!

  • Building Coating Science

    Episode 1

    Zach Kenney & architect Steve Baczek sit down to have a conversation about coating science.

  • Shop Talk with Nick

    Episode 2

    Zach Kenney & contractor Nick Slavik of Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration sit down to have a conversation. Topics include shop talk & ZK Finishing School.

  • Fine Paints of Europe with Lou

    Episode 3

    Zach Kenney catches up with fellow painting contractor Lou Millinghausen of Penn Painting. Their conversation centers around their passion for the world of high gloss painting, including technique, sales, and practice of the craft. Zach and Lou also discuss their constant chase for perfectionism,...

  • All Things Design

    Episode 4

    Zach Kenney sits down with Josh Linder of Evolve Residential, an interior design firm out of Boston, to discuss all topics concerning design. Listen in to learn how one gets their start in interior design, and how to get the most out of your space.

  • Process in Design

    Episode 5

    Listen, Design, Manage, Deliver. Zach Kenney talks with renowned interior designer, Paula Daher, about her 4-step process.

  • Hard Work & Integrity

    Episode 6

    Eric Adams joins show to talk shop, as well as, discuss the humble origins of the now, well revered, Adams + Beasley Associates. Hard work and integrity are key ingredients of this company, undeniably coming from Eric and his team.

  • Priority on Quality

    Episode 7

    Zach Kenney brings on Tim Leahy of Kirby Perkins Construction to talk about how he got his start and the delicate craft of historic restoration. In addition Tim fills us in on the key ingredient to the success of Kirby Perkins. Setting priority on quality.

  • Whetstone Workshop

    Episode 8

    Isaac and Maria from Whetstone Workshop discuss their process and strategy regarding their high standard, high-quality output. The two share and show what a successful craftsman's headspace should look like.

  • The Power of Social Media

    Episode 9

    Painter and Tik Toker, Tony Piloseno answers questions about the power of social media and digital marketing

  • Great Craftsmen

    Episode 10

    Editor, producer, and podcast host Chris Ermides, speaks of his experience working with ‘This Old House.’ Chris joins Zach to chat about what makes a good craftsman, how to get young people interested in the trades, and how spending on quality may save you money in the long run.

  • Career & Shellac

    Episode 11

    Enhancing surfaces through art & science. This was always a mission of Robert Chickey at Bespoke-Finish. Today Robert is on the show to talk about the beauty of shellac and his career in a nutshell.

  • Plaster with Adam

    Episode 12

    Talented plaster craftsmen are few and far between. That’s why when Adam Bergeron from Inspired Ornamental makes beautiful molds from plaster, people talk. Adam and his team are true artists and even though their work speaks for itself we thought it would be better to hear from Adam. Listen in to...