2 Seasons

Sit down with Master certified painter Zach Kenney as he interviews craftspeople across the industry!

  • Painting and Restoration Masterwork

    Episode 36

    A masterwork in painting and restoration is evaluated not only by the level of the talents and the end project but also by the value and knowledge of the craft. In this episode, join Zach Kenney as he speaks with Matt, the owner of Home Painting Geelong, about painting, decorating, and restoratio...

  • Custom Projects and Perfect Finishes

    Episode 35

    In this episode, Zach Kenney talks with Jessica Allred of Alternative Finishes about how to increase the value and quality of your work by devoting more time to personalized projects and achieving flawless results. They also discuss the advantages and traits of being a professional, punctual, and...

  • Contractor's Legacy

    Episode 34

    What do you know about non-drying oils? In this episode, Zach Kenney talks with the co-owners of Armstrong-Clark Company about penetrating oil-based stains. Jake Clark, the founder of the Armstrong-Clark, tells us about the beginnings of this cutting-edge company that complies with strict enviro...

  • Leverage Your Business Strengths

    Episode 39

    Learning to use and exploit your strengths while managing and containing your weaknesses is the key to achieving success in life and business. In this episode, Zach Kenney talks to Chris Polidoro of Shoreline Painting about the importance of constantly evaluating your company's performance. Join ...

  • Embracing a Data-Driven Mindset

    Episode 32

    What role do events and conferences play in the painting industry? Are they important to fulfill contractors' needs? Short Answer: YES!

    In the painting industry, an event or conference can be the key to establishing, maintaining, and nurturing relationships that can help painting contractors est...

  • Trade With Passion and Purpose

    Episode 31

    What made you decide to pursue a career in the trades? When it comes to choosing a career path, having a purpose in mind is crucial to not only success but also happiness. Join Zach Kenney and Nick Slavik as they discuss their passion for the painting trade while exploring their beginnings in the...

  • Construction Methodology Explained

    Episode 30

    In this episode, Zach Kenney talks to Kevin Cradock of Cradock builders about the practices, techniques, procedures used on building and renovation. They go over the importance of planning and monitoring for a seamless workflow, as well as the best strategies for improving corporate performance a...

  • Properly Managing Your Painting Business

    Episode 29

    In this episode, Zach Kenney talks to Jason Phillips about the proper management of painting companies. Jason discusses with Zach how to be a better leader while maintaining a growth mentality. They explore the concept of how keeping a company at the top of its game requires focusing on the broad...

  • Adding Value to the Customer Experience

    Episode 28

    Zach Kenney and Tom Kligerman talk about the importance of adding value to your clients. They explain how always going the extra mile is key to advance professionally. If you love your job and enjoy what you do, you will always do more, whether it's through education or mastery of your talents. H...

  • Finding the Balance

    Episode 27

    Christina Young from Pro Image discusses her experience working behind the scenes and finding the balance between having a family and running a business.

  • The Right Pricing Strategy

    Episode 26

    Defining the right price for your services is always a hard task. Cost, value, earnings, and expenses play a fundamental role when it comes to finding that sweet spot. But how can you evaluate the market and determine a price point that will benefit you while also attracting additional customers?...

  • Starting Your Own Business

    Episode 25

    One of the most successful paths for painting contractors might be entrepreneurship. However, when you are just getting started, achieving success in your own business might be challenging.

    Zach Kenney talks to the founder of XC painter on this episode. Join them in their discussion to discover ...

  • Transferable Skills

    Episode 25

    Zach Kenney speaks with Chase Turner from Turner Painting. Join this discussion to learn more about the importance of transferable skills and family businesses in the painting and craftsman trades.

  • Architectural Styles

    Episode 23

    Meet Architectural Delight as they join Zach to discuss new projects, market perspectives, and the importance of design. This episode will give you all the cues to better understand architectural styles and industry trends.

  • The Business Cycle

    Episode 22

    Zach discusses the evolution of his company and how things have changed through time. He goes over both positive and negative anecdotes and explains what he learned from each one.

  • Curating the World

    Episode 21

    Zach Kenney talks with Melanie from Boston Design Guide about her background and how she was able to build up her publication using high quality photography and featuring some of the best contractors in the industry.

  • The Highs & Lows of Entrepreneurship

    Episode 20

    Zach has a conversation with Jake Bresson from Bresson Painting about various issues and aspects of entrepreneurship.

  • Live Monologue

    Episode 19

    Zach Kenney gives a live monologue and discusses various issues in the painting industry.

  • Staying True to Your Craft

    Episode 18

    Zack has a conversation with T.R.E.W. from Trew Colors about how he got started in the industry, how hard work and dedication got him to where he is now and his unique and innovative painting style.

  • Rise Above the Rest

    Episode 17

    Gus Camolinga from McDermaid Painting discusses how he runs his successful company.

  • In the Field vs. In the Shop

    Episode 16

    Kate Schindler from Fine Grit discusses how she went from working the field to working in her own custom shop.

  • Trust the Foundation

    Episode 15

    Dave Scaturro from Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors discuss how his family business has evolved and cemented itself in the industry as a high-caliber operation through building relationships and building trust as the foundation.

  • Navigating Through the Pandemic

    Episode 14

    Brian Sedgeley from Festool USA discusses his backstory and how he helped establish Festool as a trusted brand in the U.S. He also talks about how the company navigated the pandemic.

  • Bringing Humanity to the Business

    Episode 13

    Faith from Oram Painting shares her incredible story of how she got into the painting industry and the hardships that she faced along the way.