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Motivating Effectively

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  • Industry Insights with Jason Paris

    In this episode of Ask a Painter, Nick Slavik, and Jason Paris will be discussing Trades, Working together as a trade group, and sharing knowledge. These dynamics will bring fellow like-minded Business owners and are going to bring incredible future results and respect for all. Potential Customer...

  • Crew Leaders Are the Key to Production

    A common question we get from clients is “When should we hire a production manager?” Our belief is to maximize your production with crew leaders that help aid in the production to scale your business in a profitable way before taking on more overhead. In a perfect world, one of your crew leaders ...

  • DISC Personality Assessment

    In episode 5, Jason will elaborate on the DISC personality assessment and how to use it to ensure you have the right people in the right seats.

    If you want to ask Jason questions related to anything in this podcast series, you can do so in our exclusive Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast Forum...