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Torlando Hakes connects with fellow consultants and PCA Contractors to discuss industry wide topics!

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  • Getting Out of Hectic Energy

    Episode 32

    In the PaintED podcast, Torlando Hakes talks to Dane Sanders about time being a finite resource and can’t be managed. It is always coming and going for everyone at the same pace. It has more to do with awareness.

    Dane elaborates one thing all productivity and time management hacks have in common...

  • Aspects of Marketing

    Episode 31

    In this episode, Torlando Hakes talks to Paige Worthy about how to create an effective and compelling brand that works. A clear message that engages your ideal customer, why having a brand voice is so important, and more!

  • Hiring the Right Professional

    Episode 30

    It's critical to have a clear knowledge of both your expectations for the ideal candidate's growth in the position you're hiring for and your possible candidates' career objectives. Although a candidate might appear great on paper, it’s important to take a holistic approach to the hiring process ...

  • Work Order Management

    Episode 29

    In this episode, Torlando talks about, work orders. He addresses that work orders serve as the paper trail within an organization, defining what needs to be done, by when, and for how much. It standardizes workflow and creates a quick and easy process for scheduling, assigning, and tracking work,...

  • Effective Job Posting

    Episode 28

    Identifying the right candidate is the first step in finding the right talent. The job descriptions you post for open positions will have an effect on the quality of applicants you receive. The more qualified the applicants, the better your chances of adding the right member to your team who can ...

  • SOP for Web Development

    Episode 27

    In this episode, Torlando talks with Tim Brown regarding the importance of client reviews and their case studies. Niching down and understanding what really interests you can lead to fantastic results. Tom further opens up about why he chose to work with contractors and where do contractor busine...

  • Building a Strong Team

    Episode 26

    In this episode, Torlando discusses with Eric that, the first principle of team building should come as no surprise: to effectively lead a team, you must first establish your authority with each team member. Always remember that the most successful team leaders develop their relationships based o...

  • SEO 2.0

    Episode 25

    In this episode, Torlando discusses with Ben that one doesn't require much to start creating content that gathers an audience. Small changes to parts of your website are frequently used in search engine optimization. These changes may appear to be incremental improvements when viewed separately, ...

  • Financials Pre-Recession

    Episode 24

    In this episode, Torlando talks with Roger Lee about various aspects to take into consideration when a recession hits, it's essential to keep an eye on the long term, manage your exposures, reduce risk, and save aside money to invest when things get better.
    While no investor can predict when a re...

  • Financial Literacy For All

    Episode 23

    In this episode, Torlando chats with Quincey, who operates a financial services business in Southern California with her husband.

    But it's Quincy's commitment to financial literacy in her community, which she promotes through schools, companies, and churches, that sets her apart. With her enthus...

  • The Master of the Checklist

    Episode 22

    Suhaiba Neill, an industry innovator, business entrepreneur, and fellow Contractor Fight coach, joins Torlando on today's Paint ED talk show episode. They describe Suhaiba's concept for building and sustaining business procedures, as well as why doing so is critical for any construction business ...

  • Art of Mentoring

    Episode 21

    Torlando hakes, discusses his enthusiasm for dealing with job seekers with Ryan in this episode of Painted. He's a dedicated marketer who helps small businesses hire more efficiently by advertising job openings on free job boards and branding their hiring efforts.

  • The Leader as Coach

    Episode 20

    When we talk about coaching, we don't just mean the efforts of consultants engaged to assist CEOs in developing their personal and professional abilities. That labor is necessary and sometimes life-saving, but it is only temporary and carried out by outsiders. The kind of coaching we're speaking ...

  • Back Office Management

    Episode 19

    In this episode, Torlando Hakes talks with Michelle Myers about managing the family business, balancing work life, and why it's important to manage back-office for small businesses. She further addresses, that it's never too late to start anything in life.

  • Creating an Enduring Brand

    Episode 18

    Very few people have mastered the art of delivering an engaging speech and creating a terrific marketing campaign. However, standing on stage and throwing a captivating presentation might draw an audience to engage with your company and purchase things. It also increases your standing as a truste...

  • Bringing in the Right Energy

    Episode 17

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando Hakes talks with Alex Corral from Cabinet Coating Kings. Alex tells his story on how he got to where he is and discusses the lessons that he has learned along the way

  • Audience-Focused Perspective

    Episode 16

    In this episode of PaintEd, Mike Verret discusses why starting with your services is the worst approach to engage with your audience and what you should do instead in this conversation. One of the difficult things for a business owner is to write the correct phrases for their elevator pitch. He ...

  • $10 Billion on the Table

    Episode 15

    There's a potential $10 billion revenue stream ready to be unlocked by the trades through automated tipping, reviews, and referrals.

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando Hakes talks with Justin Clegg from Allset. They discuss the importance of reviews, referrals, and tips for small business owne...

  • The Importance of Reviews

    Episode 14

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando Hakes talks with Shawn Hill from a Nice job Inc. about the crucial role reviews play in the growth of a business. They further discuss why branding can be controlled but not reputation. Shawn addresses, Reputation management entails improving the aspects of yo...

  • Dissecting the Customer Journey

    Episode 13

    A successful entrepreneur who assists businesses in marketing planning and growth, Brad provides client journey ideas in this episode. Rather than pursuing ideas, he suggests that you figure out if the concept is taking you to your destination. In this episode of PaintED, they discuss how determi...

  • Creating the Perfect Plan to Hire

    Episode 12

    Many people are bombarded with more work than they can handle, and being overwhelmed is sometimes unavoidable. It's critical to understand how you'll bring on the correct people to your team who won't undermine your culture and who will carry their own weight.

    In this week's episode of PaintED, ...

  • Boosting Your Sales Rep's Capabilities

    Episode 11

    In this week's episode, Dave Hanson from Client Tether joins Torlando Hakes to discuss how to maximize the time we have as business owners and be more efficient.

    Being sure to invest in the sales reps that are already on your team will ensure you save time and money in the long run as a busines...

  • The Importance of Body Language

    Episode 10

    Starting out in sales can be scary, and it takes time to develop expertise and gain confidence in your sales pitch.

    Alan Langer joins us for this episode to help individuals comprehend the small details that add up to a major impact in sales, as well as the importance of body language for your s...

  • Prioritizing Your Wants

    Episode 9

    Running a business is difficult, and when it comes to working long hours, we as business owners might begin to neglect things that should remain a priority in our life.

    Finding individuals to work for you amid a labor shortage can be extremely stressful, putting a pressure on you as a business o...