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Torlando Hakes connects with fellow consultants and PCA Contractors to discuss industry wide topics!

PaintED Show
  • Training The Next Generation

    Episode 34

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando talks with experienced craftsman painter Aker El Bey about his path as a union painter, his tips for learning the trade, and how he enhances his skills to perform at a high-end level. They also talk about how Aker's goals have evolved from producing top-notch ...

  • Photo Documentation Solutions

    Episode 33

    In this episode of PaintED, we talk to Luke Hansen from Company Cam about using visual communication as a way to improve organization across multiple job sites, increase accountability in workmanship, and to better communicate job progress between crews, management, and customers. You won't want ...

  • Creating a Coaching Culture

    Episode 32

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando invites employment and hiring expert Jason Mutzfeld to talk about what employers can do to attract better candidates by creating a coaching culture.

  • Production Management Techniques

    Episode 31

    Mirela DoValle discusses processes for keeping your team and customers on the same page from the close of the sale to the close of the job. With her experience of running a 45 person painting company, Mirela knows how to set up the perfect job. In this episode, you'll get step-by-step instruction...

  • From Employee To Business Owner

    Episode 30

    For many paint contractors getting out of the field is a difficult leap. The work is your first love but it's exhausting and you hardly have time to run the business while performing the business. In this conversation with Tim Campsall Action Coach, we discuss the first things you need to focus o...

  • Understanding and Avoiding Construction Liens

    Episode 29

    Knowing your lien rights is imperative when working with big projects involving GCs and property owners. Don't let yourself give out unsecured loans through your labor without exercising your lien rights. In this episode of PaintED, we talk to Karalynn Cromeens of who i...

  • Enhance Your Business Sales Potential

    Episode 28

    Brandon Lewis with the Academy For Professional Paint Contractors joins us on the show to talk about how we can double business profits by implementing a couple of simple systems for accurately bidding projects, having a process for handing jobs off to the crew, and putting your crew leader in ch...

  • Determinants of Organizational Culture

    Episode 27

    For commercial contractors, the pandemic hit a little differently and the struggle that was 2020 hit Cole Palea hard. But it was also an opportunity to look at his business from the inside out and decide what kind of ship he wanted to run. By doubling down on community building and getting the ri...

  • Recruiting and Retaining

    Episode 26

    In this episode of PaintEd, Torlando and returning guest of the show Brittany Drozd talk about leadership and how putting your brand culture on display is the best way to find and keep great workers and top talent in your company.

  • The Stages of Business Growth

    Episode 25

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando talks to Brandon Vaughn of Wise Floor Coatings & Conquer Coaching Group about organizational structure. Complete with visuals Brandon walks us through going from $0 to $12 million dollars in revenue. Don't miss this popularly requested topic.

  • Growing a Successful Business

    Episode 24

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando talks to Shane Garrett of Garrett Painting about the changing role of the leader in a business. Over the last 20 years, Shane Garrett has grown his company from the ground up, hiring great people who have been able to grow and progress at this company enabling...

  • Stay Holistic, Competitive, and Strategic

    Episode 23

    Learn how to use your time, money, marketing, and sales resources wisely to become an industry giant. In this episode, Torlando and Chris Moore, the founder of Elite Business Advisors, explore the many challenges of starting a business. They also talk about how knowing how to run a business is cr...

  • Attracting Young Talent

    Episode 22

    Finding young talent in today's competitive job market is a difficult endeavor. Many industries are currently experiencing a labor shortage. The supply and demand mismatch in the painting industry is continuously getting bigger. So how do you recruit new talent into the painting industry? How do ...

  • Getting Bids on the Spot

    Episode 21

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando talks with Jon Bryant from PaintScout. During the conversation, they talk about the importance of presentation style and the ability to present bids on the spot. Save time, increase close rates, and provide a better experience for the customer when your estima...

  • Lifecycle Marketing

    Episode 20

    In this episode of PaintEd, our guest, Daniel Vargas from DM Crafters, talks about the value of Lifecycle Marketing and how the use of marketing automation can help you save time and increase the amount of repeat business by providing your customers with a better and more professional service.

  • The Sales Process that Works

    Episode 19

    In this episode of PaintED, we are joined with Garrett Martell of Two Day Painting who will be a featured speaker at the Residential Forum AST conference happening August 12-13th in San Antonio, TX.

    On the show, we talk about the sales process Garrett uses at Two Day Painting to sell between 5-6...

  • Ask-A-Peer

    Episode 18

    In this episode of the PaintEd show Torlando talks with Ben Taff of Grit City painters who started a painting company one month before the pandemic shut down. Waiting for the restrictions may have been the scariest part but this year the real challenge has been keeping up with an abundance of wo...

  • The Power of the Drone

    Episode 17

    Torlando speaks with Jacob Lewis about how to use drone videos to attract bigger jobs and set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Creativity in Marketing

    Episode 17

    Torlando and Amir Frank from Matterport talk about differentiation through creative use of virtual tour technology.

  • The Future of Work

    Episode 15

    Torlando speaks with Sean and Brad from PPG. Listen as they talk about the future of work, virtual estimating, and alternative business models.

  • Building a Leadership Team

    Episode 14

    Jason Phillips talks about the importance of developing your leadership team.

  • The Power of Good Photography

    Episode 13

    Join the discussion with two professional photographers about the importance of using photography during the production process in addition to the finished work.

  • Zero to a Million

    Episode 12

    Brandon Vaughn discusses his challenge of growing a new business from zero to a million.

  • Realistic Sales Goals

    Episode 11

    Tony Kanak from Sales Evolution shares insights into setting realistic sales goals, developing sales people, and referral marketing.