PaintED Show

PaintED Show

3 Seasons

Torlando Hakes connects with fellow consultants and PCA Contractors to discuss industry wide topics!

PaintED Show
  • Hiring for Culture

    Episode 1

    Morgan Ray and Torlando Hakes discuss the benefits of hiring for culture with Karla Degginger, founder of The Talent Loop. Brian Reis of Bella's Army joins the conversation and shares how his company has benefited from this approach.

    Karla Degginger

    Brain Re...

  • Personalize the Sale

    Episode 2

    Morgan Ray and Torlando Hakes discuss the importance of personalizing the sales process with Allan Langer, experienced salesman and author of "The 7 Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less." Zach Kenney of ZK Painting joins the discussion to talk about creating your company's perfect "avatar."


  • A Tribe Community

    Episode 3

    Morgan Ray and Torlando Hakes discuss the idea of a "Tribe Community" with Splash, owner of Splash Painting & host of the Blue Collar Tribe podcast. Splash explains how he got his start in both the painting industry and podcast space. He also discuses the benefits of integrating a community minds...

  • The Greater Good

    Episode 4

    Morgan Ray and Torlando Hakes have some fun this Halloween as they dress up with guests Nick Slavik and Ryan Turry and discuss the importance of working charitable projects into your busy schedule. The group looks at Nick and Ryan’s latest altruistic efforts, explain the benefits of partaking in ...

  • Goals in Uncertainty

    Episode 5

    Morgan Ray and Torlando Hakes sit down with Danny Kerr & Bill Ferst to discuss the importance of setting specific goals within your organization. Danny expands on this theme by connecting it to planning for the months ahead during the pandemic, and Bill provides examples on how he and his company...

  • Winter is Coming

    Episode 6

    Morgan Ray & Torlando Hakes sit down with Linnea Blair & Patrick Coye to examine how to make the most of the upcoming winter season. The group looks at how Linnea has helped Patrick position his business for sustained success, how companies can pivot their current plans to create a more productiv...

  • Tough Conversations

    Episode 7

    Navigating tension and conflict in teams as a leader can be scary. Brittany Drozd & Chris Elliott join the show to help us learn how to ease some discomfort associated with tough conversations. A major discovery of when, why, and how to engage in these talks is the priority to maintain the healt...

  • The Female Consumer

    Episode 8

    Morgan Ray & Torlando Hakes sit down 10 year gender studies veteran TJ Couzens, and female painting business owner Maggie Kuyper. Armed with these industry experts and an open floor for conversation, we gained a clearer insight into consumer marketing.

    TJ Couzens
    Website: https://brandxresearch....

  • A Shift Towards Tech

    Episode 9

    Morgan Ray and Torlando Hakes catch up with Jeff Wraley of Groundwork & Michael Murray of Textbook Painting to talk about the growing need to shift towards technology based practices, most notably virtual estimating.

    Jeff Wraley
    Email: [email protected]