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Torlando Hakes connects with fellow consultants and PCA Contractors to discuss industry wide topics!

PaintED Show
  • Creating an Enduring Brand

    Episode 18

    Very few people have mastered the art of delivering an engaging speech and creating a terrific marketing campaign. However, standing on stage and throwing a captivating presentation might draw an audience to engage with your company and purchase things. It also increases your standing as a truste...

  • Bringing in the Right Energy

    Episode 17

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando Hakes talks with Alex Corral from Cabinet Coating Kings. Alex tells his story on how he got to where he is and discusses the lessons that he has learned along the way

  • Audience-Focused Perspective

    Episode 16

    In this episode of PaintEd, Mike Verret discusses why starting with your services is the worst approach to engage with your audience and what you should do instead in this conversation. One of the difficult things for a business owner is to write the correct phrases for their elevator pitch. He ...

  • $10 Billion on the Table

    Episode 15

    There's a potential $10 billion revenue stream ready to be unlocked by the trades through automated tipping, reviews, and referrals.

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando Hakes talks with Justin Clegg from Allset. They discuss the importance of reviews, referrals, and tips for small business owne...

  • The Importance of Reviews

    Episode 14

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando Hakes talks with Shawn Hill from a Nice job Inc. about the crucial role reviews play in the growth of a business. They further discuss why branding can be controlled but not reputation. Shawn addresses, Reputation management entails improving the aspects of yo...

  • Dissecting the Customer Journey

    Episode 13

    A successful entrepreneur who assists businesses in marketing planning and growth, Brad provides client journey ideas in this episode. Rather than pursuing ideas, he suggests that you figure out if the concept is taking you to your destination. In this episode of PaintED, they discuss how determi...

  • Creating the Perfect Plan to Hire

    Episode 12

    Many people are bombarded with more work than they can handle, and being overwhelmed is sometimes unavoidable. It's critical to understand how you'll bring on the correct people to your team who won't undermine your culture and who will carry their own weight.

    In this week's episode of PaintED, ...

  • Boosting Your Sales Rep's Capabilities

    Episode 11

    In this week's episode, Dave Hanson from Client Tether joins Torlando Hakes to discuss how to maximize the time we have as business owners and be more efficient.

    Being sure to invest in the sales reps that are already on your team will ensure you save time and money in the long run as a busines...

  • The Importance of Body Language

    Episode 10

    Starting out in sales can be scary, and it takes time to develop expertise and gain confidence in your sales pitch.

    Alan Langer joins us for this episode to help individuals comprehend the small details that add up to a major impact in sales, as well as the importance of body language for your s...

  • Prioritizing Your Wants

    Episode 9

    Running a business is difficult, and when it comes to working long hours, we as business owners might begin to neglect things that should remain a priority in our life.

    Finding individuals to work for you amid a labor shortage can be extremely stressful, putting a pressure on you as a business o...

  • Creating Money-Making Content

    Episode 8

    It's hard at times to decide what to post and how to make your content consistently appealing, but that doesn't mean you should ignore your social strategy.

    Zach Kenney joins Torlando Hakes this episode to discuss how to create content that not only makes you money, but resonates with your audi...

  • Escaping the Contractor Prison

    Episode 7

    Getting out of the Contractor Prison requires some personal reform. It requires change, rehabilitation and mentorship.

    Torlando brings on Jason Phillips to share his story and coach others on getting through the challenges of being a contractor.

  • Rapid Business Growth

    Episode 6

    Torlando speaks with Bill Silverman about the challenges of owning and operating a painting business. For many years, Bill has been a vital collaborator in the painting industry, providing the greatest insights to help the sector grow and professionalize. In this episode of PaintED, they discuss ...

  • The Cash Crunch

    Episode 5

    A "cash crunch" occurs when a company does not have enough money to carry out its regular operations. Have you had to deal with a situation like this before in your company? In this episode, Join Torlando as he discusses with Chris Moore, founder of Elite Business Advice, efficient business solut...

  • The Victor's Mindset

    Episode 4

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando Hakes interviews Corrie Lester, the owner of "Inspired by You" cabinet refinishing. The two discuss what it takes to have the "Victor's Mindset" and how crucial it is to drop the victim mentality to take control of your day and be the best version of yourself.

  • Strengthening Roles and Responsibilities

    Episode 3

    In this episode, join Torlando and Garrett Martell of Two Day Painting as they explore Garrett's journey to developing a 5.5 million dollar painting company. Garrett also discusses the significance of the roles and responsibilities he assigns to each employee to achieve his business goals.

    If yo...

  • How to Hire the Right Person

    Episode 2

    In this episode of PaintED, join Torlando as he talks with Wendy Christie, an HR professional with over 30 years of hiring and HR experience. They talk about developing the appropriate questions to ask in order to sort out the bad apples and build a team that will result in a fun culture and a pr...

  • Defining Your Success

    Episode 1

    In this episode of PaintED, Join Torlando as he talks with Tom Reber of the Contractor Fight about the mentality that it takes to be the author of your own success. Tom helps us walk through gaining clarity for what we want our lives to look like and building the daily habits of consistency to se...