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Service Legend Podcast
  • Bridging Industries

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    Meet Corey Colson, a dynamic professional with a unique blend of expertise in healthcare, construction, regulation, and risk management. Corey's track record includes successful program implementations, leadership of large teams,...

  • Coloring Success

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    Join us in this riveting episode of the ServiceLegend Podcast as we sit down with Eric Barstow, the visionary CEO of National Painting Group and Painting Business Pro. Hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado, Eric's journey commenced...

  • Unleashing Business Growth

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    In this episode of the ServiceLegend Podcast, we're excited to host Lance Bachmann, a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and author renowned for driving exponential growth. As the founder of 1SEO Digital Agency and LB...

  • How To Transform Your Home Service Business

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  • From Garage Doors to $200M

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    Discover the incredible story of Tommy Mello on the latest episode of the ServiceLegend Podcast! From launching A1Garage with $50K in debt to achieving a staggering $200 million in revenue and leading a team of 650+ across 19 sta...

  • From Paint to Coaching

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    In this episode of the ServiceLegend Podcast, we are thrilled to host Mike Gore-Hickman, a Canadian entrepreneur who achieved remarkable success in the painting industry and online marketing. From growing his painting company to ...

  • Revolutionizing the Painting Industry

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    Welcome to the ServiceLegend Podcast! Today, we have the privilege of hosting Jon Bryant, the co-founder of PaintScout. After building one of western Canada's largest residential painting companies, Jon identified the need for ef...

  • Building Connections

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    In this client spotlight session, we showcase Isaiah Rashid Muhammad, a driven entrepreneur from Houston, TX. His company stands out with a young and vibrant team. Isaiah's belief in personal relationships has propelled his succe...

  • Unleashing Success with Jason Walker

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    Introducing Jason Walker, AKA Jay Dub Money Maker, a true legend in the HVAC industry. From starting as a Warehouse Shop cleaner, he climbed the ladder to become a top-notch Comfort Advisor and Parts Manager. With over $18,000,000...

  • Unleashing Business Brilliance with Chris Moore

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    In this captivating episode of the ServiceLegend Podcast, we welcome Chris Moore, founder of Elite Business Advisors and host of the Elite Business Advice Podcast. With over a decade of painting industry experience, Chris now supp...

  • Crafting Excellence with Nick Slavik

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    Crafting Excellence with Nick Slavik

  • Painting Innovation & Seamless Communication

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    In this episode of the Service Legend Podcast, we are joined by John Busick, the dynamic third-generation owner of Bob Kunst Painting, Inc. based in San Rafael, CA. John takes us behind the scenes of his premier residential and co...

  • Creating Passive Assets W Jason Paris

    Get ready to be inspired as we welcome Jason Paris, partner at Aleph Holdings and Founder of Paris Painting. With a unique ability to achieve rapid growth and scale in the residential market, Jason's company has achieved remarkable success. Through his involvement with Aleph, a visionary venture ...

  • Crafting Success W Charlie Comer

    Join us as we kick off the live episode with our special guest, Charlie Comer, Partner at Comer and Cross Concrete Coatings. This client spotlight session promises to be an insightful and engaging conversation you won't want to miss.

  • Unleashing Your Sales Potential

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    In this episode, we're joined by Joe Crisara, America's HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Contractor "Service Sales Coach." With his unique coaching style and emphasis on trust and exceptional customer service, Joe has made a signi...

  • The Art of Assessment and Scaling

    Join us on the ServiceLegend Podcast for an insightful conversation with Benji Carlson, Assessment Specialist at Breakthrough Academy and co-host of the Contractor Evolution podcast. With his knack for entrepreneurship, Benji founded a profitable small business as a teenager and built a highly su...

  • The Secrets of Local Service Ads for Home Service Contractors

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    In this webinar, we'll be discussing the secrets of Local Service Ads (LSAs) for contractors. LSAs are a type of pay-per-lead advertising that appear at the top of Google's search results, making them a powerful tool for gener...

  • Achieving Success in the Painting Industry

    Join Nick Slavik, Proprietor of the Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. and host of "Ask a Painter Live", as he shares his expertise and insights on the trades as an avenue for freedom. With over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, and trades reform, as well as painting ...

  • Entrepreneurship in the Painting Industry

    In this episode, we will talk about all things concrete coatings that include, marketing - what works and what doesn't, positioning and why it’s important, and why the RIGHT company culture matters.

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  • Building a Winning Culture

    Introducing Victor Rancour, the subject of this inspiring episode of ServiceLegend. Victor's story is a true testament to the American dream, rising from humble beginnings as an oil changer earning just $7 an hour to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the HVAC industry. After honing his skills...

  • From Remodeling to Floor Coating Success

    Join us on the Service Legend Podcast as we chat with Lee Baker, a seasoned expert in the construction and floor coating industries. Lee shares his journey from restoring homes to becoming the go-to source for floor coatings through his company, Hear about Lee's passion for his...

  • Building Successful Businesses

    Get ready to be inspired by entrepreneur and business owner JC Chanowsky on the ServiceLegend Podcast! With his experience building two successful businesses, he knows what it takes to attract top talent, develop effective growth strategies, and build a strong company culture.

    JC is passionate ...

  • How To Position Your Concrete Coating Company To Exit

  • Strategies To Increase Revenue

    In this episode of the Service Legend Podcast, Ryan Davis will be interviewing Manuel Paz with Skyline Concrete Coatings.

    Manuel has been in business for three years. So I'm pulling the curtains back on Manuel & his operations so we can all discover how he went from 20k per month to 500k per mon...