Safety & Training

Make sure they get home safe by checking out these tips and best practices from industry & safety professionals.

  • Sustainably Built

    Finding methods to make products last longer and generate unique value for your clients demands ingenuity as a painting contractor, so what if sustainability has some answers that can help you stand out while also lowering overall costs? Learn how to encourage sustainable coatings practices from ...

  • Training and Support

    In this episode of ZK Live, Jason Paris from Paris Painting sat down with us to give us tips on managing a team.

  • Training The Next Generation

    In this episode of PaintED, Torlando talks with experienced craftsman painter Aker El Bey about his path as a union painter, his tips for learning the trade, and how he enhances his skills to perform at a high-end level. They also talk about how Aker's goals have evolved from producing top-notch ...

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

    One thing that can often be overlooked in the workplace is the mental health of your employees. In this episode, Joel Greiner, Owner of Paint The Earth and licensed therapist of 15 years, helps us understand some simple to implement concepts on how to increase the well-being of our employees and ...

  • From Boss To Coach

    Why are you working so hard?

    Money for you and your family.

    And the time to enjoy it.

    Most evolving contractors want both. The finer details of the picture may change from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, we are all unique. But for a lot of us, our dream life and business is centered around mor...

  • Paint Failures and How To Avoid Them

    If you’re interested in learning about avoiding costly paint failures from someone who literally wrote the book on paint failures, then you don’t want to miss this video.

    Bob Cosumano holds degrees in Metallurgical and Corrosion Engineering, and he’s a corporate consultant for specification wri...

  • Trade Best Practice Series

    2 seasons

    Train your crew with our on-demand video series. From prep to brushing and rolling, our 15-episode series ensures your new hires understand the basics of painting. They'll leave with plenty of pro tips that will have them field ready faster.

    To get the most out of our Trade Best Practice Series,...

  • Interior Level 1

    2 seasons

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    The PCA Painter Training series builds on the introduction to the trade provided in PCA’s Trade Best Practice (TBP) series. TBP gives a new tradesperson a complete and comprehensive background on all the trade has to offer in terms of career options, while introducing...

  • Benefit from the Legislative Process

    PaintCare experts, Heidi McAuliffe, Kevin Lynch, and Cole Palea discuss paint stewardship laws, how this impacts businesses, and the benefits to painting contractors.

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  • The 5-Step Staff Training Program

    You've got so much experience in your industry, but how do you pass that knowledge onto your team so they can deliver quality jobs on time, and on budget....every....single....time?

    Download BTA resources:

    Successful businesses use standardized training processes ...

  • The Basics of Blueprint Reading

    Fred Yarur of PEP discusses how to use the cost and estimating guide to understand the basics of blueprint reading to more accurately estimate new construction projects and increase your company's profits.

  • Breaking Into Refinishing

    Expand your business by adding refinishing to your services. To learn more, visit NAPCO:​

  • Investing in Training

    Get an inside look at Brick City Painting & Drywall in Mexico, MO with our new docuseries called Business Anatomy. Chad Jeffries and several of the Brick City crew discuss their training program and how it has improved the company.

  • Award-Winning Safety Programs

    Are you interested in learning how other contractors have put together award-winning safety programs that have kept their employees safe and saved them money? Tim McConnell, partner of Safe With PCA, shares examples of Safety Programs PCA contractors have used to win national recognition. Make su...

  • Education and Training

    Tim McConnell of Safe Way Solutions provides in-depth information on training and education in your company.

  • Safety Policy Manual

    Our partner at Safe-Way Consulting, Tim McConnell is presenting a series of safety webinars on a Step-by-Step Guide To Building Safety Programs That Earn Money. Step two goes over Safety Policy Manual (SSSP, Emergency Procedure, Medical and FA, H&S).

  • New Hire Orientation

    Tim McConnell of Safe Way Consulting presents a series of safety webinars on a "Step-by-Step Guide To Building Safety Programs That Earn Money." This webinar reviews new hire orientation, which includes (Emergency Contact, Procedure Overview, Company Standards).

  • Documentation

    Tim McConnell of Safe-Way Consulting presents a series of safety webinars on a Step-by-Step Guide To Building Safety Programs That Earn Money. This webinar includes proper documentation of 300 log, JHA, Chemical Inventory Log, SDS

  • Training Changes People

    PCA's Trade Best Practice Series teaches people who are new to the painting trade the basics in a fun and engaging way. Chris Shank, PCA team member, discusses the importance of investing in training, because every contractor is an educator to their own people.

    After an unprecedented year, EXPO ...