Meet Your Speakers

Meet Your Speakers

Workshop leaders come on PaintED to discuss their areas of expertise.

Nicole Cline
Allan Langer
Danny Kerr
Annie Newton

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Meet Your Speakers
  • The Complexity of Business

    How do you navigate the challenges that you face as your business grows? What are those challenges? Nicole Cline discusses that and more.

  • Insider Sales Secrets

    How do you get the trust of your customers to make a sale? Sales trainer and coach, Allan Langer gives us the secrets to making a sale.

  • Finding the Folks to do the Work

    If you can't find someone that has the training, you have to provide the training. Listen as fan favorite, Danny Kerr from BTA discusses how to train people from the ground up.

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  • Having a Plan of Attack

    Annie Newton talks running large projects, but most importantly, how to come out profitable on the other side.