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  • Painting and Restoration Masterwork

    A masterwork in painting and restoration is evaluated not only by the level of the talents and the end project but also by the value and knowledge of the craft. In this episode, join Zach Kenney as he speaks with Matt, the owner of Home Painting Geelong, about painting, decorating, and restoratio...

  • Find-A-Painter Explained

    Hear about ways to get engaged and get resources for your business during this PCA Member Meetup. This webinar provides an overview of PCA resources, professional success opportunities, and the best ways to connect with your PCA peers. The spotlight of this webinar focuses on how to get found on ...

  • The Best of Business Partnerships

    Partnerships can be messy, right? Not always! This may be the case more times than not, but when you find the right partnership, it can be very rewarding and beneficial. In today’s episode, we interview Brian Hepfer and Shannon Duvall, co-owners of HD Paint & Stain to discuss their partnership, t...

  • Production Management Techniques

    Mirela DoValle discusses processes for keeping your team and customers on the same page from the close of the sale to the close of the job. With her experience of running a 45 person painting company, Mirela knows how to set up the perfect job. In this episode, you'll get step-by-step instruction...

  • International Alliance of Professional Painters

    "We can all do more if we work together for the same goal of fostering the painting industry's honorable reputation" - This is the message of today's episode. The painting profession has grown in popularity in recent years, earning tremendous respect for those who work in it. We have built a comm...

  • Core Areas of a Lucrative Business

    Here’s a common scenario: Two contractors have worked equally hard over 20 years in their businesses.

    At the end of the 20 years, one sells off their assets for $200K, while the other sells their business for $10M.

    What’s the difference?

    If you want to build a business of tremendou...

  • How to Interview and Hire Your First Employee

    It's time to level up the production team!

    Hiring the first employee for your home service business is setting the standard of how your team is going to look like. We want a dedicated step by step process set up, from having offer letters to asking the right questions to every single one of the ...

  • The Mill

    Learn how the Mill, a co-working and entrepreneurship center in Bloomington, Indiana, was developed from both new and reclaimed items. Torlando Hakes puts his painting skills to the test as he creates a chalkboard wall.

  • Business Website Optimization

    The number of leads and phone calls generated by your website can be greatly increased by optimizing website conversion and lead flow. In this Learn. Do. Grow! workshop, Brandon Pierpont, CEO of Painter Marketing Pros, will unpack the fundamental tactics for improving the effectiveness of your we...

  • Safety as the Competitive Advantage

    Alpine Painting is known within the industry for its commercial and industrial work, but they didn't get there overnight. When the Scaturro brothers took over their family business, they began to strategically focus on safety in every aspect. As a result, Alpine Painting has now effectively elimi...

  • Safety as the Competitive Advantage | Bonus Clip

    Dave Scaturro talks about a near miss, which sent him to the hospital.

  • Serie de Mejores Prácticas Profesionales

    15 videos

    Entrene a su equipo con nuestras series de video a pedido. Desde la preparación hasta el cepillado y el rodamiento, nuestra serie de 15 episodios garantiza que sus nuevos contratados comprendan los conceptos básicos de la pintura. Se irán con un montón de consejos profesionales que servirán para ...

  • EXPO is BACK!!!

    Join us in Orlando for the event of the year March 2-4.

    Save $100 during early registration.

    Open now through November 30.

  • Looking Ahead: Epoxy Flooring

    Because of its heat resistance, durability, and antibacterial properties, epoxy flooring is becoming increasingly popular. Are you ready to expand your services to include floor coatings? These panelists weren't when they started!

    Learn about the floor coatings market, differences in flooring p...

  • Oiling a Cedar Garage Door

    Transforming a weathered cedar garage door with Armstrong-Clark oil.

  • Color Confidence

    Matthew is the inventor of the patented Nix technology, a Manning Innovation Award winner, the Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year, and a Professional Problem Solver.

    Learn the many opportunities and added customer value of having a color sensor in your pocket. Scan onsite, see how Nix's color harm...

  • Benefit from the Legislative Process

    PaintCare experts, Heidi McAuliffe, Kevin Lynch, and Cole Palea discuss paint stewardship laws, how this impacts businesses, and the benefits to painting contractors.

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  • Boost Staff Productivity

    You walk onto the job site on a summer's day and everyone is slacking. It's hot, your staff's energy feels drained, and you end up having to pick up the pieces... again.

    It's just the summertime slump, no? Studies have actually shown this is a reinforced myth and one that can be avoided.

    How? I...