PCA Shorts

PCA Shorts

PCA Shorts
  • You Are Not Alone

    Dive into the world of commercial painting with Jason Paris, the visionary behind Paris Painting. In this short video, Jason shares his experiences from the PCA's 2023 Commercial Painting Conference, a pivotal event designed specifically for commercial painting contractors. Operating at a high le...

  • Empowerment in Action

    Join Michelle Dambrowitz, founder of Home & Harmony LLC, as she shares her empowering experience at the first Women In Paint event hosted by the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) in 2023. This short video captures Michelle at the groundbreaking event, dedicated to celebrating and supporting ...

  • Community Over Competition

    Explore the entrepreneurial journey of Bradley Ellison, founder of Ellison Painting, in this inspiring short video. As a specialist in transforming houses into homes and crafting lasting memories, Bradley shares how his early days in the painting and coatings industry led him to the vibrant commu...

  • Success Principles

    Join Corrie Leister, the creative force behind Inspired By U and a proud Painting Contractors Association (PCA) member, as she unveils the success principles that propelled her business to new heights in this exclusive short video. Specializing in painted kitchen cabinets and custom furniture, Co...

  • Harpeth Painting - Paint It Forward

  • Home & Harmony

    When Michelle Dambrowitz, owner of Home & Harmony, started her painting business, she had nowhere to go to get advice on improving her business - that is until she came across the PCA.

    After listening to a few PCA podcasts, she became a member. She shares how the resources and networking have h...

  • Lead with Love

    PCA members in action - showing what it means to be a leader in their business and within the industry.

  • The Paint Professor

    As a solopreneur, Christian Vale shares how PCA membership brings value to his business. Though all the podcasts and content on PCA, he is able to work on his business on his own time.

    Christian goes on to share that PCA Membership is like a tool, and is only useful if you take it out of your to...

  • Women in Paint Teaser

    Four women from different backgrounds share their journey into the trade, what it takes to run a profitable business - the highs and lows, and encourage others to become successful entrepreneurs, just like them. This Business Anatomy episode will be airing on March 8, International Women's Day.

  • Legends

    PCA members being legendary.

  • Training Amplified

    In June 2022, Sherwin-Williams partnered with the Building Talent Foundation, the San Antonio Housing Authority and PCA to pilot a national program to address the talent shortage.

    After a week of classroom and hands-on training, students graduated with an understanding of the basic fundamentals ...

  • Hunger

    PCA members in action showing what motivates them.

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  • Team Meetings

    Vanessa DaSilva shares how PCA's resources, including events like our annual EXPO have helped her business succeed.

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  • The Power of PCA

    Rafael Ventura discusses the connection and learning opportunities through PCA, how they have helped Palette Pro grow, and how being part of PCA allows companies to give back.

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