PaintED Podcasts

    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    Stay up-to-date on the latest industry news, events, and content. New episodes air every other week.

  • Ask A Painter

    7 seasons

    A collection of Nick Slavik's most popular Ask A Painter episodes by season.

  • Coverage
    1 season


    1 season

  • Painter Marketing Mastermind

    2 seasons

    Join Brandon Pierpont of Painter Marketing Pros as he talks with contractors earning 1M+ in revenue. Learn what marketing strategies and tactics they used to get there, find out what they would have done differently, and apply these lessons to your own business.

  • PaintED Show

    3 seasons

    Torlando Hakes connects with fellow consultants and PCA Contractors to discuss industry wide topics!

  • Brothers of the Brush

    1 season

    Brothers of the Brush is the first international show to arrive at PCA. Hosted by the English Master Decorator, Chris Kerfoot, this show consists of interviews with numerous decorators from across the world to acquire real-life business experiences and guidance from the source.

    This could be you...

  • Contractor Evolution

    2 seasons

    This is Contractor Evolution. Where we unpack the systems, tactics, and skills you need to take your fast-growing contracting business to the next level.

    If you’re here to learn what it takes to scale up, work less, and increase profitability, you’ve come to the right place.

    Stay tuned to ...

  • Elite Business Advice Podcast

    2 seasons

    Join Chris Moore of Elite Business Advisors and his weekly guests as they discuss topics relevant to small business owners.

  • Advice from a Young Tradesmen

    3 seasons

    Noah Kanter provides a more nuanced conversation on the state of the trades from the eyes of a young paint contractor.

    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    Sit down with Master certified painter Zach Kenney as he interviews craftspeople across the industry!