3 Seasons

The PCA Painter Training series builds on the introduction to the trade provided in PCA’s Trade Best Practice (TBP) series. TBP gives a new tradesperson a complete and comprehensive background on all the trade has to offer in terms of career options, while introducing all the basic skills. Moving into PCA Painter Training, you’ll find tactical training, pro-tips, a recap on all of the steps and a final, resounding: Now You Try It! To encourage return demonstrations.

We’ve compiled it all into one place, cultivating decades of experience and knowledge from industry leaders. All for you, ready to use. All of the training topics are available in English and Spanish.

The grouping of the PCA Training Series’ modules provides an obvious career path for promoting your painters, from fundamentals to advanced painting skills.

Funding for the PCA Painter Training series is provided by Sherwin Williams and PPG.

  • Shingle and Shake Siding

    Episode 1

    In this lesson, we’ll demonstrate how to paint a house with shingle siding. Watch how our instructor uses an airless sprayer, a brush and a mini-roller for application. Learn some siding vocabulary and how different methods of “lay-off” can impact the final finish.

  • Paint Pump Maintenance & Set-Up

    Episode 2

    Learn how to maintain and prepare a paint pump for exterior painting. Our instructor will use a Titan brand airless sprayer to demonstrate how to dismantle the spray gun, clean the filters and the hose. Learn how to prime the pump and get it ready to spray paint.

  • Stucco Painting

    Episode 3

    In this demonstration, learn the prerequisites for painting stucco and how to use an airless sprayer on low volume to avoid overspray. Learn the angles for dealing with heavy texture and how to sequence work according to the sun’s movement.

  • Window Glazing Repair

    Episode 4

    Take in a lesson on removing and replacing window glazing, a skill typical of historic restoration projects. Glazing compound provides a bridge between the window frame and the glass and is no longer used in modern windows. Knowing the correct sequence and technique provides insight into the many...