3 Seasons

The PCA Painter Training series builds on the introduction to the trade provided in PCA’s Trade Best Practice (TBP) series. TBP gives a new tradesperson a complete and comprehensive background on all the trade has to offer in terms of career options, while introducing all the basic skills. Moving into PCA Painter Training, you’ll find tactical training, pro-tips, a recap on all of the steps and a final, resounding: Now You Try It! To encourage return demonstrations.

We’ve compiled it all into one place, cultivating decades of experience and knowledge from industry leaders. All for you, ready to use. All of the training topics are available in English and Spanish.

The grouping of the PCA Training Series’ modules provides an obvious career path for promoting your painters, from fundamentals to advanced painting skills.

Funding for the PCA Painter Training series is provided by Sherwin Williams and PPG.

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  • Task Sequencing

    Episode 1

    Task sequencing for exterior paint and prep work is a general rule, not an absolute one. There are situations where the sequence should be modified. We’re giving you a broad overview of the steps involved in preparing to paint an exterior project. Having a grasp on the basic sequence and processe...

  • Exterior Washing

    Episode 2

    In this video, we’ll focus on using a power washer to clean a general residential exterior. However, there are other tools that are useful to wash an exterior. You can use garden hoses, pump sprayers and scrub brushes to clean exterior surfaces. When power washing, there are many things to notice...

  • Scraping and Sanding

    Episode 3

    Scraping and sanding are an important part of the surface-preparation process. Performing these tasks will impact how well your primer and paint will stick to that surface.
    Good adhesion is our goal.
    And this is important because the paint-work will last longer for the customer. However, it’s a...

  • Wood Siding Repairs

    Episode 4

    Patching siding is done for cosmetic reasons, in order to make the appearance of of the surface look smooth. Or, it can be necessary due to serious damage that must be repaired to improve the integrity of the substrate. Structural repairs often require a material that can give structure to the su...

  • Sanding Tools

    Episode 5

    When sanding exterior siding, you’ll need to know the difference in sandpaper grit and in which situations to use which level of grit. In addition, there are many sanding tools to choose from. Let’s take a look.

  • Hand Masker Protection

    Episode 6

    In this demonstration we’ll tape off a window. First, we want to dust the edges of the window and remove the debris off the pane of glass and everything surrounding it. In this demonstration we’ll leave about ¾ of an inch on the left side and ¾ of an inch on the right side, so that when we pull t...

  • Caulk Application

    Episode 7

    Today we're going to be talking about caulking on the exterior of a building and the reasons why we would do it. If you look at the transition between this brick mold and this stucco siding, you can see there's a small little variety of gaps from top to bottom and we want to eliminate moisture in...

  • Stucco Repair

    Episode 8

    Many of the reasons for stucco failure are caused by moisture, garden sprinkler systems or rain getting into small cracks and loosening the stucco. It is important to repair them to prevent damage from water intrusion. Repairing and repainting restore the integrity of the surface. Let's take a look…