Painter Marketing Mastermind

Painter Marketing Mastermind

2 Seasons

Join Brandon Pierpont of Painter Marketing Pros as he talks with contractors earning 1M+ in revenue. Learn what marketing strategies and tactics they used to get there, find out what they would have done differently, and apply these lessons to your own business.

Painter Marketing Mastermind
  • Effective Sales & Marketing Techniques

    Episode 1

    In this episode, Brad Ellison, the co-owner of Somerset Painting and Home Improvements, discusses how he took a painting business that had been around for 33 years and helped it absolutely explode in growth! He discusses the importance of finding an operating partner with complementary skill set...

  • Improve Your Sales Approach

    Episode 2

    Brian Reis, the co-founder of Bella's Army Painting, discusses how to work ON versus IN your painting company to maximize growth. He speaks about the importance of having an aggressive sales approach for your painting business, and why generating leads for your painting business can and should h...

  • Scale Up Your Company

    Episode 3

    Nick Slavik, a 25-year veteran of the painting industry, and host of the extremely popular webinar series “Ask A Painter Live,” shares his strategies for scaling up a painting company efficiently. Nick teaches in-person Master Classes to painting contractors around the country and has developed a...

  • Direct Mail Marketing

    Episode 4

    In this episode, Garrett Martell, founder of Two Day Painting, discusses what aspects of your painting company you should outsource to accelerate your growth. He speaks in-depth about the power of Direct Mail Marketing for painting contractors when done correctly, and he even has a separate busin...

  • Repainting at a Premium

    Episode 5

    Matt Carlson, owner of M. Carlson Painting, takes a deep dive into how he has found tremendous success in the residential repaint market. He talks about mistakes he's made, hard lessons he's had to learn, and the learnings he gained that have allowed him to pass $3.5 million in revenue in 2021. ...

  • Managing Business Succession

    Episode 6

    Zach Ausherman, the owner of Ausherman Painting, discusses his recent experience taking over Ausherman Painting, a 42-year old company, from his father. He takes an in-depth dive into common issues painting company owners face when dealing with succession, and actions a new owner can take to impr...

  • A Life-Changing Career

    Episode 7

    Morgan Sedgwick, owner of Jedi Painting Pros, discusses her mission for female empowerment in the trades, and how painting has changed her life, and how she is using it to better the lives of those around her. She gives some examples of ways she has differentiated her painting company, and discus...