PaintED Talks

PaintED Talks

PaintED Talks from EXPO feature expert leaders within the painting industry.

PaintED Talks
  • Time is Money

    Brandon Vaughn shares his philosophy of time - it is infinitely more valuable than money.

    Are you spending your time in the "Do It Yourself Deathtrap" or are you spending money to save time?

  • The Right Core Values

    Alice Martin discusses how focusing on people and core values has positively shaped her company.

    She reminds us that painting business owners have the ability to enhance and change lives of their employees, clients and communities.

  • 3 Brutally Honest Observations

    After thousands of interviews with contractors Benji Carlson shares three pitfalls owners find themselves in.

    1. Unclear Vision
    2. Tough Conversations
    3. Attracting Talent

  • Building the "A" Team

    Hiring an all-star staff first starts with knowing your own strengths and weaknesses. Danny Kerr, Breakthrough Academy, discusses how to identify business partners who excel in areas you don't and how to turn to hire and recruiting into a sales and marketing opportunity.

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  • Your Mission Sustains You

    Learning to let go and finding your mission will get you through the hardest times. Torlando Hakes, PCA member contractor, shares lessons from his own business.

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  • Training Changes People

    PCA's Trade Best Practice Series teaches people who are new to the painting trade the basics in a fun and engaging way. Chris Shank, PCA team member, discusses the importance of investing in training, because every contractor is an educator to their own people.

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  • Why Your Online Presence Matters

    Marketing strategies have shifted. Ken Tucker, Changescape Web, discusses the importance of having a comprehensive online strategy.

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