Online Training

Online Training

A glimpse into the regular webinars and other on-demand videos on PCA Overdrive.

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Online Training
  • Stairwell Restoration

    In this two-part series, Noah gives a walk through of the set up and prep for restoring a historic, 200 year-old stairwell.

  • The Modern Apprentice

    In this video, Nick provides an overview of the hiring and training practices he implemented in his business.

  • Crew Leader Productivity Overview

    In this three-part series, Brandon Lewis of The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors, lays out how to get the most out of your crew leader.

  • Ugh... Let's Talk About Sales

    Contractors and salespeople are often considered necessary evils and have negative stereotypes in the eyes of potential clients. To flip this narrative, Allan suggests a shift from focusing on "closing" to a mindset of helping and providing value.

    This presentation was part of our 2021 virtual c...

  • Your 2021 Strategic Plan

    Benji Carlson, an Assessment Specialist at Breakthrough Academy, leads you in a webinar on how to build a one-page strategic plan for 2021 (or any other year).

    Build A Successful Annual Strategic Plan:
    Learn more about BTA:

  • Estimating in the Field

    Nick Slavik takes viewers on a real estimating tour through a house with a new customer!

  • Bookkeeping for Painters

    Morgan Scott Ray of Bookkeeping For Painters walks you through the latest PPP updates, as well as provides you with some useful tax tips!

  • Paint Failures and How To Avoid Them

    If you’re interested in learning about avoiding costly paint failures from someone who literally wrote the book on paint failures, then you don’t want to miss this video.