Interior Level 3

Interior Level 3

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Interior Level 3
  • Roller Cover Pro Tips

    There are many factors to consider when selecting a roller cover. In this video, we’ll walk you through the most common types and why it’s so important to choose the right roller cover for the job.

  • Wall Painting: Cutting In

    Learn the techniques used to cut-in a room. Cutting-in refers to painting the corners of a room, the perimeter of the walls, the ceiling and the abutting trim components with a brush—prior to the roller application of paint to those same walls and ceilings.

  • Wall Painting: Rolling

    A properly painted surface, according to the PCA’s standard, is uniform in appearance and this includes a uniform texture. That’s where a painter’s rolling skills are critical. And it’s not just the skill, it involves the type of roller that is chosen, the size and texture of that roller as well ...

  • Caulking Pro Tips

    Learn some things about caulking that you may not know. We’ll begin by reviewing how to set up a caulk gun and then we’ll reveal some tried and true tips from our experts.

  • Window Prep & Paint: Double Hung

    Learn the steps in painting a double hung window. And as with most good systems and procedures, there are a few helpful rules to follow with double hung windows.

  • Ceiling Painting

    Ceilings come in all different materials and textures. That’s why it’s important to know what materials and methods to use for painting them, especially in the most common scenarios you’ll come across in the field.

  • Airless Sprayer Essentials

    In this introduction to the essentials of airless spraying, we’ll be looking at both technique and safety. Whether spraying interior walls for a new home prime out or spraying exterior siding, it’s never too soon to gain knowledge of safely operating a paint pump.

  • Room Painting Sequence

    Learn the sequence of painting a room and the key assessments that must be made by a painter. The order of steps will depend on many variables. Walk through the variables on a job site as our instructor considers the possibilities.