2020 EXPO Sessions

2020 EXPO Sessions

14 Episodes

In our EXPO panel discussions, subject matter experts tackle the topic at hand and offer their perspectives and solutions, share lessons learned from their experience, and answer audience questions.

The invaluable educational sessions and first-hand access to industry forecasts and trending information are two of the most outstanding elements of EXPO. From craftsmanship to financial growth and from technology to recruiting insights, this world-class conference has everything you need to fulfill all of your goals this year. Are you ready for EXPO 2022?

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2020 EXPO Sessions
  • Getting into Commercial

    Episode 1

    In this panel discussion, you will learn what other painting contractors have to say about the challenges of getting into commercial, opportunities to look for, pitfalls to avoid, how to make money sooner than later, and how to know where your profit center is.

    All panelists are PCA-quality busi...

  • World Class Production

    Episode 2

    In this panel discussion, you will hear from actual production managers and operations managers about the technology they use to make their business run smoothly and efficiently.

    The PM/OM panel discussion from 2019 was widely successful, and it was requested by many to come back! This is a grea...

  • Hiring & Growing Your Office Staff

    Episode 3

    In this panel discussion you will hear from business owners about how they first learned they needed to expand into offices and hire office staff, and the challenges they faced in office management. Learn how to identify personnel that matches your business, how to prioritize your needs, how to t...

  • Financial Fitness

    Episode 4

    Financial Fitness for business is designed to teach you the financial principles you were never taught in college! Whether you are looking to implement a system for the day-to-day financial operations of your business, how to have security, or how to increase the profitability of your business, F...

  • Becoming the Apex Predator

    Episode 5

    Join Ryan Groth, CEO of Sales Transformation Group as he teaches contractors the mindset of companies who are number one in their markets and how you can leverage their strengths to ascend higher or remain at the top of the food chain.

    Key Takeaways:
    - Grab hold of what is “the best” and how to ...

  • Contracts that Cover your Assets

    Episode 6

    Are you satisfied with your contracts? Too long? Too short? They can never be too detailed, but at what expense? A boring, too-generalized document that no one reads and where confusion reigns are not good. And how about those thick commercial contracts with terms like "indemnification”: do we si...

  • Coaching Your Team for Profit

    Episode 7

    Every business’s processes have a direct impact on the quality of health of a business and its owner. However, if you change one operational focus you’ll see the direct impact on your business’s ‘money holes.’ In this session, attendees will learn how to create, refine, and scale processes that p...

  • Modern Apprenticeship

    Episode 8

    Last year Nick Slavik introduced The Modern Apprenticeship, Part 1: Finding Good People. At the 2020 EXPO Nick comes with part two in the Modern Apprenticeship: Running a Profitable Business. After Nick covered principles on how to hire the ‘decent human being’ (DHB) in his first presentation of ...

  • Advanced Estimating Techniques

    Episode 9

    Bob the “PCA Man” is back to share the best tips on understanding paint failures and estimating problem areas. Bob Cusumano offers yearly presentations on Blueprint Reading and Estimating, Estimating Like a Boss, and Estimating Problem Areas. Come prepared to ask your questions about those proble...

  • Thrown Down Debate

    Episode 10

    In this panel discussion, you will get the opportunity to witness a debate between painting contractors about which is best: using sub-contractors or using employees! This will be a fun and lively debate about the merits of each approach, and you’ll have a chance to learn which model might be bes...

  • Don't Paint Yourself Into A Corner

    Episode 11

    Do you struggle to find high-profit customers? Are you frustrated with jobs that aren’t worth the headaches they create? Are you tired of being undercut by competitors who don’t provide the quality you do? If so, then this is the program for you.

    Imagine what your business would be like if all o...

  • Commercial Repaint Client Acquisition

    Episode 12

    Most painting contractors say they desperately want to increase their number of large, lucrative commercial repaint clients. However, the reality is very few get past the 5-10% mark for commercial repaints in their service mix. What causes this frustrating reality?

    In this presentation, Brandon...

  • Demystifying Color Selection

    Episode 13

    Every salesman and estimator in the painting industry sells more than paint and convenience…they sell color! Do you know how to help your customers match paint colors to their preferences and goals?

    In this session, attendees will learn from the color experts at PPG how to better understand col...

  • The Art of Sales War

    Episode 14

    As a follow-up to Tony Kanak’s Presentation at EXPO 2017—How To Increase Your Referrals in 90 Minutes or Less—you can now go on the attack to gain new business and get an edge on your competitors. In every sales situation, there are factors that you know, factors that your prospect knows, and fa...