• What If: Fast-Formulas for Profit, Planning, & Production Management


    What if you knew how many employees you needed to get to $2M in revenue?

    What if you knew how much you needed to charge per hour to make a 40% margin?

    Imagine the power of having a fast-calculator in front of you to help you instantly envision initiatives to add profit to your bottom line.


  • Estimator Andy

    Nick Slavik sits down with Estimator Andy to dicuss his origin story, his philosophy on estimating and more.

  • PaintScout Estimating

    Jon Bryant, CEO and Co-Founder of PaintScout, walks you through PaintScout's estimating software!

    *PCA Members receive 50% off 3 months of PaintScout's Estimating Software. Email [email protected] for your promo code.

    Download Slides PDF:

  • How Much Should We Charge

    Some of the best estimates use production rates to calculate man-hours of work and then multiply those man hours by how much a painting business should be charging per hour. But, how much should a painting business charge per hour? We will talk about how to figure that out and how often to revisi...

  • Estimating in the Field

    Nick Slavik of Nick Slavik Painting And Restoration takes viewers on a real estimating tour through a house with a new customer! This is a useful glimpse into the estimating practices that competitive contractors often keep so closely guarded. Nick pulls back the curtain on a process that could h...

  • Virtual Estimating

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    Chris Moore from Elite Business Advisors walks you step by step through a proper virtual estimating session with a client.

  • Estimating with Blueprints

    On this episode of Ask A Painter, Nick discusses using blueprints in the estimating process.

  • Beyond Gallons and Square Feet

    Estimating is a unique balance of science and art. The science consists of calculating "price" which needs to be based on facts. Meanwhile, the art is in the presentation of that price and the services you have been asked to provide. Tom Droste, President of Logical Engine (Estimate Rocket), shar...

  • A Shift Towards Tech

    Morgan Ray and Torlando Hakes catch up with Jeff Wraley of Groundwork & Michael Murray of Textbook Painting to talk about the growing need to shift towards technology based practices, most notably virtual estimating.

    Jeff Wraley
    Email: [email protected]...

  • Estimating Like a Boss

    PCA technical expert and estimating guru Bob Cusumano is here to lead you through the basics of "Estimating Like a Boss." ! If you’re interested in learning about estimating and job costing at any level, Bob is your guy. He holds degrees in Metallurgical and Corrosion Engineering, and he’s a corp...

  • 10 Rules of Estimating

    Fred Yarur of the Painters Estimating Program discusses his 10 rules of estimating for more profitable estimating.

  • Top 5 Estimating Strategies

    Fred Yarur of the Painters Estimating Program as he discusses the top 5 estimating strategies and which ones are worth your time.