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Elite Business Advice Podcast

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Join Chris Moore of Elite Business Advisors and his weekly guests as they discuss topics relevant to small business owners.

Elite Business Advice Podcast
  • Helping Busy Families Stay Healthy

    Episode 22

    Do you know what the #1 argument is most couples have every day? In today’s episode, Cayle Alldredge joins us to share how she helps solve the “what’s for dinner” conversation most busy families struggle with and her entrepreneurial journey to helping thousands of families all over the country!

  • Value Based Pricing

    Episode 22

    One common mistake business owner’s make is they don’t charge enough for the experience and value they provide to their clients. In today’s episode Sam Salah is back with us to discuss a few factors you should be taking into your pricing model!

  • Going From Stuck to On

    Episode 20

    In today’s episode, we chat with Steve Thomas about his concept “Going From Stuck to On” to help you identify when you are stuck in life or your business, how to move on from it, and how to avoid getting stuck!

  • Cash Flow and Profitability Analysis

    Episode 19

    Do you ever feel like your business is profitable, but you don’t know where the money is going?
    In this episode, we recap the talk we gave at the PCA Expo, about job costing, cash flow, and determining your monthly breakeven revenue goal!

  • Turning a Hobby Into a Business

    Episode 18

    Have you ever done something and enjoyed doing it as a hobby and gathered feedback that you should take and run with it. In today’s episode, Nathan Parchman, Co-Owner of Nitro Family Foods, shares their entrepreneurial journey. Nathan and his wife Nicole Turned their homemade salsa into a thrivin...

  • How to Manage Multiple Businesses

    Episode 17

    Do you ever feel like running one business is tough, and you couldn’t imagine having to run the second business? You aren’t alone!

    In this episode, Joel and Shannon Conner join us to talk about how they manage running four businesses and the strategy they used along the journey to know when it ...

  • 3 Ways Commercial Lending Can Help Your Business

    Episode 17

    In today’s episode, Chris Barth with Bradford National Bank joins us to discuss how a commercial loan officer can be an asset to you and your business, as well as how to prepare if you expect you may be in need of a loan in the coming years!

  • Using Books to Generate Leads, Revenue, and Referrals

    Episode 16

    Have you ever wondered if writing a book could benefit your business? The answer is YES! Chandler Bolt, Founder of Self-Publishing School, joins us to share how he has utilized books to generate leads, revenue, and referrals for his businesses over the years.

  • Going All-In on Your Purpose

    Episode 15

    Does your business provide the financial and time options to achieve the goals and dreams you know you’re capable of? In today’s episode, Colin Ahlvers joins us to share some insight on how he uses Squared Up Golf to help him pursue his goal of playing on the PGA Tour.

  • What’s Your Unique Referral Point?

    Episode 14

    Have you ever told someone what you do, and your description was so far off they tried to clarify and were nowhere near what you actually do? In this episode, Chris interviews Andrew Gibson, author of What’s Your URP? and breaks down how to clarify your messaging for the classic question: “what d...

  • Collaboration Over Competition

    Episode 13

    What is your mindset when it comes to your competition? Do you have a mindset of abundance by seeing an opportunity to benchmark and collaborate together or as a threat to your business? In today’s episode we interview Shane Fast with Renew Painting of the Carolina’s and Brian Hepfer with HD Pain...

  • How to Create and Use Business Plans Successfully

    Episode 12

    The term “business plan” is often a negative word to many business owners, but they serve a very useful purpose!! In today’s episode, Jo Ann Dimaggio May, Director of the Illinois Small Business Development Center For the Metro East at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville joins us to share h...

  • Using Training Systems and SOP’s to Scale Your Business

    Episode 11

    One of the most important (and often overlooked) pieces of business is having Standard Operating Procedures and a training system to follow for your employee’s. This is one of many ways in which a business owner can separate him or herself from the business to run systematically. In today’s episo...

  • Top 5 Books for Small Business Owners

    Reading (or listening to) books can be one of the simplest ways to develop you and your skills over your competitors. Gaining insight from a variety of people and learning something everyday to apply in your life will compound quickly over time! In this episode we share our top 5 book recommendat...

  • Using Your Business to Serve Your Life

    Episode 9

    Often times, business owners are solely focused on the growth of their business which can lead to stress and burnout. In today’s episode, Chris Habermehl of CRH Electric explains how he uses his business to serve his life and the guardrails he has in place to avoid being overwhelmed and distracte...

  • How to Coach and Mentor Others

    Episode 8

    Did you know that if you have employees, you are a coach to them? Whether it’s coaching them through being a better employee, leading them to fulfill their potential, or helping develop them as people in life, you’re still a coach! In today’s episode Payton Blaylock, founder of the Blaylock Group...

  • Servant Leadership

    Episode 7

    Walking a fine line between being a good servant (or going above and beyond) and running a profitable business can be a tough balance. In today’s episode, Jeff Roth, Senior Pastor of Skyline Church helps us break down what it means to be a servant leader, why it’s important in your business, and ...

  • Successful Working Parents Tips

    Episode 6

    Do you find it hard to balance running a business and being a good and present parent? You aren’t alone! In this episode, Rachel Grimm from Homes by Janell joins us to share some tips and tricks she’s learned along her journey of being a working Mom along with some philosophies that often help co...

  • The 4 P’s of Entrepreneurship

    Episode 5

    When starting a new business or evaluating if you’re in the right spot, it’s important to think through the 4 Ps of Entrepreneurship:

    Passion – What are you passionate and excited about?
    Profit – How can you monetize your business to support your desired income? Is there enough demand for it?

  • Implementing a Marketing Strategy

    Episode 4

    Many business owners market their business only when they need new clients and feel the pressure. What if you could develop a simple to execute a marketing plan that would almost guarantee a consistent flow of leads? In this episode, Chris provides some insight on different marketing channels, wh...

  • Preventing Burnout in the Workplace

    Episode 3

    As business owners, we often don’t realize the strain we put on our employees and the actions we task them with. In this episode, Josh Douglas with WorkHappy helps us break down 3 main reasons why employees get burned out, how we can prevent it, and what way we can help them further succeed and f...

  • Creative Marketing Matters

    Episode 2

    Finding ways to stand out in your industry may be extremely easy or rather hard. In this episode, Emile Flowers helps provide some creative ideas that you can use in your business to stand out, differentiate yourself, and give back to your clients. If you’re looking to build better, stronger, mor...

  • Planning Out Your Business for 2022

    Episode 1

    One thing that gets overlooked every year is intentionally planning out a vision and action steps for your company for the year. While having an annual revenue goal is great, seeing if it’s feasible and checks the boxes for you financially is most important. In this episode, Chris Moore, Founder ...