Elite Business Advice Podcast

Elite Business Advice Podcast

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Join Chris Moore of Elite Business Advisors and his weekly guests as they discuss topics relevant to small business owners.

Elite Business Advice Podcast
  • Creating the Right Culture

    Episode 1

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to recruit, train, and retain the right employees? In today’s episode, Josh Douglas with Workhappy will go through some key points on how to grow your company with the right people and keep them for the long haul. Josh provides a unique perspective after worki...

  • Leverage Relationships and Networks

    Episode 2

    Mark Warren has built his home inspection business solely through referrals, networking and repeat business. In this episode he shares his philosophy on why he chose this organic growth method while providing some actionable tips you can apply in your business and life immediately!

  • Preparing for a Mortgage or Refinance

    Episode 3

    If you’ve ever tried getting a mortgage as a self-employed small business owner, you know that the process is entirely different than that of an employee! In this episode, Emile Flowers with USA Mortgage will answer a lot of common questions on how they handle mortgages for small business owners ...

  • Digital Marketing & SEO

    Episode 4

    Do you hear the terms SEO and Digital Marketing and pretend like you know what they mean? Dan Cheseldine with Vivial Marketing explains what SEO & Digital Marketing actually is and what simple things small business owners can do to be more proficient in each area.

  • Secrets to Entrepreneurship

    Episode 5

    Caleb Davis discusses his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He is a young and prosperous real estate agent and coach who started his own business at only 28 years old. Learn all his secrets in this episode.

  • Business Entities for Liability & Tax Purposes

    Episode 6

    Choosing a business entity can be confusing if you don’t know the pros and cons of liability coverage and the tax consequences of each. In this episode, Phil Speicher of Mathis, Marifian, and Richter breaks down entity selection for us, along with other pitfalls to avoid when you have employees!

  • Your Business Page isn’t Enough

    Episode 7

    Have you ever wondered what the best way to utilize social media for your business was? In this episode, Jeff Pfitzer with Pfitzer Media shares his theory and strategies to ensure you win the social media game in business. Spoiler Alert: It’s not through using business pages!!

    For more informati...

  • Defining Your Business Financial Stability

    Episode 8

    Often, business owners use special financing to help accelerate the growth of their business. Do you know what your bank would use to determine your repayment worthiness? Or how far ahead to plan for these purchases? In this episode, Matt Warren with Carrolton Bank breaks down what you need to kn...

  • Business Taxes and Financial Health

    Episode 9

    Two things in life are certain, death and taxes. In this episode, Mike Hilmes with Kingdom Financial shares some key strategies for how you can use the IRS tax code to your advantage as well as other tips on how to improve the financial health of your business.

  • The Basics of Business Insurance

    Episode 10

    One of the most fundamental aspects of starting any business is acquiring the proper insurance and protecting yourself as the business owner. In this episode, Deric Blaha with Country Financial explains the common types of business insurance, how the premium & audit process works, and common misc...

  • Achieve Your Dream Job

    Episode 11

    Just because you’re an entrepreneur and start-up a business doesn’t mean you’re stuck with just that business the rest of your life. In this episode, Ryan Sautman with Keller Williams shares his entrepreneurial journey and how following his true passion led him to sell his insurance business to f...

  • Outsource Your Bookkeeping & Payroll

    Episode 12

    One of the most important aspects of running a business is keeping your financial records organized and up to date. While this can be an easy task to take care of yourself, knowledge is power, and accounting knowledge is a whole different ball game. In this episode, Crystal Scott with Diamond Acc...

  • Health Benefits for Your Employees

    Episode 13

    Have you ever wanted to provide benefits to your employees, but you don’t have it in your budget to provide them? Good news, there are low-cost options for you! Alex Alvarado with Benefit Solutions Group explains the voluntary employee benefit options they have for small business owners.

    For que...

  • Personality Traits on the Workplace

    Episode 14

    Have you ever wondered why some people are the way they are? Did you know there are 4 different personality types? In this episode, Jennie Bellinger, a certified DISC coach with Level Up Coach LLC breaks down what the 4 personality temperaments are, and how to use this in your business and day-to...

  • Creating the Best Marketing Message

    Episode 15

    If you’ve ever felt like your marketing message is plain, just like everyone else’s, or isn’t seeing the results you desire, this episode is for you! DJ Ficken with FM Exteriors shares how he has used the Storybrand framework by Donald Miller in his roofing business and why the concept can be so ...

  • Business Credit Card Tips

    Episode 16

    Accepting Credit & Debit Cards are just almost a necessity for any business here in 2021. In this episode, Lisa York with Beacon Payments Midwest offers up what you should know about credit card processing, the options available to business owners, and how the process works.

    If you have question...

  • Increase Motivation in the Workplace

    Episode 17

    Have you ever wondered why certain things motivate you or your employees, but others are the opposite? In this episode, Scott Milford breaks down the difference between Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation as we discuss leadership and business!

  • Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

    Episode 18

    The number 1 person holding you back from the growth and success of your business is… yourself! Many entrepreneurs try to have their hands in every area of their business instead of empowering the people that work for them. In this episode, Sam Salah discusses how he has built 2 successful busine...

  • Building Business Relationships

    Episode 19

    Have you ever wondered how to keep in touch with your previous clients and referral partners without being pushy? In this episode, Janell Schmittling, owner of Homes by Janell shares how they use value and marketing campaigns to build relationships and grow their business.

  • Pivot Your Business

    Episode 20

    Many businesses face situations in which they have to pivot strategies in a segment of their business. Whether it’s from a global pandemic, changes in technology, or societal demand for the product/service, you must stay at the forefront and adapt to change. In today’s episode, we interview Payto...

  • The Best of Business Partnerships

    Episode 21

    Partnerships can be messy, right? Not always! This may be the case more times than not, but when you find the right partnership, it can be very rewarding and beneficial. In today’s episode, we interview Brian Hepfer and Shannon Duvall, co-owners of HD Paint & Stain to discuss their partnership, t...

  • Expert Positioning Strategy

    Episode 22

    Have you ever thought about a way to generate leads for your business and position yourself as an expert on a topic? In this episode we break down what a lead generator & sales funnel is, why it’s beneficial, and how to go about creating one! The key is building trust with your target market and ...

  • How To Sell Your Business

    Episode 23

    Have you ever wondered how the process works of buying and selling a business, or how to value it? In this episode, Colin Clark with Weinheimer Opel Law Firm helps provide some perspective on Mergers and Acquisitions as to why having an exit strategy in place for your business is important whethe...

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

    Episode 24

    One thing that can often be overlooked in the workplace is the mental health of your employees. In this episode, Joel Greiner, Owner of Paint The Earth and licensed therapist of 15 years, helps us understand some simple to implement concepts on how to increase the well-being of our employees and ...