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Elite Business Advice Podcast

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Join Chris Moore of Elite Business Advisors and his weekly guests as they discuss topics relevant to small business owners.

Elite Business Advice Podcast
  • Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive

    Episode 49

    One term that we hear many people say is “I’m So Busy!” The real question should be, what are you busy doing? Are you busy because you are productively growing yourself and your business, or are you busy just for the sake of being busy? More than likely you don’t realize how unproductive your “bu...

  • Everyone Needs a Coach in Life

    Episode 48

    There’s a book by Michael Burt called Everybody Needs a Coach in Life. In today’s episode, we interview Brian Hepfer with HD Paint and Stain to share the benefits he’s seen in having business coaches and mentors and the results it’s warranted for his business. Regardless of your profession, get a...

  • Vendor/Contractor Relationship

    Episode 47

    One resource that we see many contractors underutilize is the relationship with their vendor/supplier of products. Believe it or not, they want to see you succeed just as much as you do! Many vendors such as Sherwin Williams have really taken more of a business focus instead of a sales focus, and...

  • Planning Out Your 2023

    Episode 46

    This time of year is the perfect time to start thinking through what 2023 should look like for your business. In this episode, we break down the 2 questions you have to answer first on what you want your business to look like next year and then how to filter those answers into a game plan with a ...

  • Proactively Determining Your Tax Results

    Episode 45

    Did you know you actually have control over what your tax filing result is next Spring? In today’s episode, we discuss why Tax Planning is so important for you and your business and what are some common things you can do to legally reduce your taxable income if it looks like you will owe more tha...

  • Health Insurance for Small Business

    Episode 44

    One hot topic at the forefront of employers’ minds right now is how they can provide better benefits to help recruit and retain top talent. In this episode, we interview Amy Eckhardt of Legacy Planning LLC to discuss the options business owners have not only for themselves and their families but ...

  • The Top 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make

    Episode 43

    One of the things we love about working with painting contractors all over North America is getting to benchmark and identify the common mistakes they make in order to help others. In today’s episode, we share the top 5 mistakes that we see business owners make which prohibit their business from ...

  • Reviews and Reputation Marketing

    Episode 42

    We all know that reviews are an important piece of building credibility for future customers, but few business owners have processes to ensure they receive those reviews. In this episode, we interview Oscar Wimshurst, Partnership Manager at NiceJob to discuss the importance of collecting reviews ...

  • An Accountants Journey Into The Trades

    Episode 41

    The only thing worse than being an accountant and staring at spreadsheets all day is watching the paint dry. Thankfully Michelle Marler, owner of The Works, has found her calling working alongside her husband Larry in their business. Michelle shares not only her journey from corporate America int...

  • Passionate Pursuit to Polished Business

    Episode 40

    Taking an idea and turning it into a successful business isn’t for the faint of heart. Especially when that idea involves manufacturing a product and selling it through an e-commerce platform. In this episode, we interview Mason McNeill, co-owner of Be Free Ride Bikes to share their story of how ...

  • Monetizing and Marketing a Service Business

    Episode 39

    Have you ever felt like you have certain gifts and talents but aren’t sure how to turn them into a business? In today’s episode, we interview Laura Certa with The Spruced Home to discuss how she monetized, marketed and structured her home organizing and interior design business when starting it i...

  • A Production Manager’s Perspective on Business

    Episode 38

    When is the right time to hire a production manager for your business? How can you structure their compensation and responsibilities if you can’t afford a full-time salary? In this episode we interview Eric Bausell, Production Manager for Paint The Earth to discuss his roles and responsibilities ...

  • Having a Mindset of Success

    Episode 37

    What is your definition of success? Many people view success as the size of the company, the number of employees, or the cool office they have. But really success should be defined by the way your business serves your life. In this episode, Christian Vale, owner of The Paint Professor, shares a b...

  • Paint-It-Forward

    Episode 36

    Have you heard about the Paint-It-Forward initiative the PCA is launching for October this year? In this episode we interview PCA Creative Director, Chad Schirmer to discuss the details of the event, tips to make it a success, and how giving back to your community can also help your branding and ...

  • Businesses can emerge from crisis

    Episode 35

    From the ashes of mediocre beginnings and difficult failures, some of the most successful businesses have ascended like a phoenix. Corrie discusses how she overcame both personal and professional obstacles, which motivated her to improve upon the beginning of her company narrative. Discover how a...

  • How and When to Use Videos in Your Business

    Episode 34

    Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words, but how much is a video worth in your business? In this episode, Levi Kirby, co-founder of Splycehouse, joins us to share how and why you should use videos in your business to maximize your credibility, professionalism, and perceived value!

  • Side Hustle to Success

    Episode 33

    Have you ever thought about starting a side hustle with the intention that it could eventually replace your job? In today’s episode, Dan Cheseldine joins us to share his entrepreneurial journey of starting Metro East Soft Wash as a side business while having a full time job and raising 3 girls to...

  • IRS Tax Code to Your Advantage

    Episode 32

    There are over 6,500 pages in the IRS Tax Code, but did you know that 95% of those pages are outlining legitimate business deductions to reduce your taxable income? In today’s episode, we chat with our bookkeeping and payroll specialist, Crystal Scott, to highlight some key deductions that can re...

  • Profitable & Systematic Income

    Episode 31

    One common occurrence we see with many of our clients is taking on projects that aren’t in their wheelhouse. This often leads to burnout, frustration, lack of profitability, and worst of all, clustering their schedule.
    In today’s episode, we break down why people take on the wrong projects, how ...

  • Scaling with Systems

    Episode 30

    We all know that systems are a necessity for any business, but have you ever wondered what the 3 most important systems are that your business needs? Jason Paris, Owner of Paris Painting and Aleph Holdings joins us on this episode to share how he has systematized multiple businesses to over $10 M...

  • Data and Feelings

    Episode 29

    Many times, business owners make decisions based on their feelings and emotions instead of the data they should be utilizing. This is also why there is often a gap between where a business owner is and where they want to be. In today’s episode, Nick Slavik of Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration ...

  • Being Married to an Entrepreneur

    Episode 28

    Being a business owner is a completely different dynamic to life than having a job with a structure, but have you ever wondered what it’s like from your spouse’s perspective? Listen in to hear what Christina Moore, wife of Elite Business Advisor’s Founder Chris Moore, has to share about the Pros ...

  • The Big Rocks of Life

    Episode 27

    Most people know and understand what their priorities are in life, but if you look at their calendar and their bank account it’s obvious, they aren’t living them out. In today’s episode, Mark Warren joins us to talk about the Big Rocks of Life and the 6 F’s to focus on to ensure you live out your...

  • Advantages of Apprenticeship Training

    Episode 26

    Would it be nice to have an entire training system laid out in front of you for your new employees? Good news, it’s coming! Luke Reynolds with All In Painting out of Indianapolis joins us on this episode to share about the state-accredited painting apprenticeship program they’re launching this ye...