Ask A Painter

Ask A Painter

9 Seasons

A collection of Nick Slavik's most popular Ask A Painter episodes by season.

Ask A Painter
  • Decks

    Episode 1

    There is no trick product. Read the instructions on the product and let Nick walk you through common issues.

  • Vinyl Siding

    Episode 2

    Nick draws from his long experience in the industry and lines out guides to follow when painting vinyl siding.

  • Estimating and Color Consultation

    Episode 3

    Nick's says just 'don't screw it up.' Even though it's no simple task, Nick shows you how.

  • Log Siding Restoration Color Apps and Deck Stains

    Episode 4

    Poor maintenance on a log cabin warrants a call from Nick. He gives us tips and tricks on how to do some color correction and washing properly.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

    Episode 5

    This two week kitchen cabinet painting is condensed in 30 minutes. Watch this episode and understand the process of one of the most difficult painting project in your house.

  • Painter Commandments

    Episode 6

    Historic buildings need a delicate touch because of the different textures, color, and substrates. Nick details his experience on this project.

  • Painting Truck Organization

    Episode 7

    Nick empty's out his truck and shows you his unique organization.

  • Painting Over Stripes and Fixing 'Builder's Flat' Paint

    Episode 8

    Details on how to tackle painting challenges such as covering stripes and 'builders flat' paint. Use the right paint the first time. If you didn't, here is your guide to success.

  • Spraying Cabinets

    Episode 9

    Nick is working on a job that is fully prepped. The next step is spraying the cabinets. Nick takes us through the details of a spray job as well as a demonstration of his paint sprayer.

  • Cabinet Painting Problems

    Episode 10

    Trouble shooting is top of mind for many jobs. However, painting cabinets can be one of the hardest home paints. Listen to Nick and do it right the first time.