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Ask A Painter

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A collection of Nick Slavik's most popular Ask A Painter episodes by season.

Ask A Painter
  • International Alliance of Professional Painters

    Episode 40

    "We can all do more if we work together for the same goal of fostering the painting industry's honorable reputation" - This is the message of today's episode. The painting profession has grown in popularity in recent years, earning tremendous respect for those who work in it. We have built a comm...

  • The Painting Trade Cultural Exchange

    Episode 39

    Connecting with people from all around the world who share similar beliefs and interests has gotten much easier in this new technology era. Even if you're just getting started with your international ambitions, making meaningful connections can help you set new goals and pursue new professional p...

  • Maximize Your Sales Strategy

    Episode 38

    How do you do sales? Sales strategies are critical for capturing the attention of potential clients, closing sales, and generating income. In this episode, Nick Slavik talks with Tom Droste, Founder of Estimate Rocket, about sales planning, getting more work, and how to do that using a strategic ...

  • Fall Painting Considerations

    Episode 37

    What are the best ways to tackle a painting project in the fall? In this episode, Nick Slavik talks about optimal painting conditions, the importance of moisture meters during this time of the year, and how to handle low temperatures. He reviews Sherwin-Williams latitude and explains how the mois...

  • Superordinate Goals and Grit

    Episode 36

    What are your superordinate goals and grit? Business success is a process built by a series of steps with the same goal. In this episode, Nick Slavik talks about the importance and use of superordinate goals and grit. He explains how using grit to keep working toward a certain objective can make ...

  • The Process of Professionalization

    Episode 35

    Professionalizing the painting trade doesn't only involve training painters on skills, but also advocating for a successful understanding of business management. In this episode, Nick Slavik describes the painting industry's professionalization process and answers questions about how to run a suc...

  • Pratt & Lambert Review

    Episode 34

    Do you have any plans to work with Pratt & Lambert on a future project? In this episode, Nick Slavik evaluates Pratt & Lambert Primer and Paint to help you get some ideas for how to apply them and to offer his honest thoughts on these products. Don't miss out on your chance to get free guidance a...

  • The Key Factors of Business Success

    Episode 33

    Join Nick Slavik and estimator Andy as they drive back home from the Ask A Painter Live Summer retreat. In this episode, Nick recaps the main talking points and highlights of the retreat while providing specific advice on why considering factors like balancing business and career, avoiding distra...

  • Fall Maintenance Tips

    Episode 32

    Here is a professional painter's guide on Fall maintenance. In addition to maintaining a building's aesthetics, outdoor structures are necessary to protect it from the elements of the outside world. In this episode, Nick Slavik uses his nearly 30 years of painting experience to show you how to pr...

  • Q&A: Understanding the Trade

    Episode 31

    This is the Q&A that every professional in the painting industry has been waiting for! A skilled analysis is required to fully comprehend the painting industry's operations. In this episode, Nick Slavik discusses all of the most common questions that painting contractors and business owners have ...

  • Trimaco Anti Slip Dropcloths Review

    Episode 30

    Nick Slavik talks about Trimaco's new line of drop cloths and recaps the Minnesota Master's Class.

  • The Future of the Painting Industry

    Episode 29

    Nick Slavik talks with Adam Weinzetl from JMJ Painters about the painting trade as an opportunity for young generations while displaying possible future scenarios for the painting industry. Watch this episode and discover how the market rewards painters for the proceed value of their services.

  • Sherwin Williams Latitude Review

    Episode 28

    This is what you need to know from Sherwin Williams' Latitude Exterior Acrylic Latex. Nick Slavik shares his impression of Latitude as an exterior paint product while showing you how to use this product to get the best out of it.

  • Simplicity in Business

    Episode 27

    In this episode, Nick Slavik talks about the business simplicity idea and how establishing hallmarks can set any business ahead of its game. Here are the keys to growing your business and start generating more revenue by using effective business approaches.

  • Nick Slavik's Shop Tour

    Episode 26

    Have you ever wondered how Nick Slavik's shop looks like? In this episode, Nick welcomes us to visit his shop. Learn more from Nick's functional shop and get to know all the strategies and tactics that he personally uses to make his life as a painting contractor a lot easier.

  • Master Class: The All-in-one

    Episode 25

    Nick Slavik talks about the many benefits of Master Classes. He goes into different case studies and educational pieces on estimating, management, marketing, financial systems, and processes.

  • The Origin Story of Painters

    Episode 24

    Nick Slavik has a conversation with Tanner Mullen about his origin story in the business, his biggest takeaways from being a business owner and more.

  • Northeast Tour Recap

    Episode 23

    In this episode, Nick Slavik recaps his northeast tour. He discusses his time with Noah Kantor and his takeaways from the weekend.

  • Pratt & Lambert Join the PCA

    Episode 22

    Nick Slavik reviews several products from Pratt & Lambert.

  • Estimator Andy

    Episode 21

    Nick Slavik sits down with Estimator Andy to dicuss his origin story, his philosophy on estimating and more.

  • Trends in the Industry

    Episode 19

    Nick Slavik discusses a variety of topics including trends in the painting industry.

  • Restoration Basics of a Historic Home

    Episode 18

    Nick Slavik discusses his process of restoring the exterior of historic homes.

  • Theory of Decks

    Episode 17

    Nick Slavik discusses everything you need to know about decks, including the theory and science behind it.

  • 4 Day Work Week

    Episode 16

    Nick Slavik discusses the benefits of having a 4 day work week with 10 hour days as opposed to the traditional 5 day week with 8 hour days.