Advice from a Young Tradesmen

Advice from a Young Tradesmen

2 Seasons

Noah Kanter provides a more nuanced conversation on the state of the trades from the eyes of a young paint contractor.

Advice from a Young Tradesmen
  • Season Opener

    Episode 1

    Noah kicks off season 2 with some updates and sets the tone for what to expect during season 2!

  • Scott Burt

    Episode 2

    This episode features Scott Burt of Topcoat Finishes in Jericho, VT. In addition to running a fantastic business, Scott has put an emphasis on educating other tradespeople in person and through his writing. And it turns out that Scott's writing had a huge impact on Noah's career, so there was a t...

  • Nichols Painting

    Episode 3

    This episode features husband and wife team Sam & Andrea Nichols of Nichols Painting in Souix Falls, SD. They started their business in May 2020, and we discuss getting started during a pandemic, how they prepared to leave their former jobs and go into business for themselves, and much more.

  • Armstrong Clark

    Episode 4

    Noah discusses the multigenerational origin story of Armstrong Clark with the founder, Jake Clark, and also gets into the chemistry of the product itself with the current president Brian Carter.

  • Zach Kenney

    Episode 5

    A wide ranging, long form interview with a man who needs no introduction, Zach Kenney of ZK Painting. Enjoy!

  • Steph Young of Pro Image

    Episode 6

    Steph Young, owner of Pro Image Painting in Londonderry, NH, joins for a great conversation about her business' exciting growth over the past few years. She and her partner also host the soon-to-be-released "Paint Like a Girl" podcast that will debut in April. Enjoy!

  • Jason Paris

    Episode 7

    Noah is joined by Jason Paris of Paris Painting for a fascinating discussion on the painting industry and how it has changed through time. This is the ultimate guide on the painting industry's trends, insights, and different perspectives.

  • Create, Defend, and Leverage Time

    Episode 8

    A good old fashioned Noah monologue meant for early phase solo people who need to escape the overwork cycle and stabilize.

  • Noah Gets Schooled on HR

    Episode 9

    Jamie Hasty of Sesco Management Consultants joins to drop a big HR knowledge bomb! This episode is a fascinating overview of all the things business owners should know, whether you have 1 or 100 employees. Get a notepad for this one!

  • BOB (Bender on Board)

    Episode 10

    Noah introduces his first full time employee! Well, actually she introduces herself with a great little monologue, and then we chat about what it was like to be onboarded into my current business.