Advice from a Young Tradesmen

Advice from a Young Tradesmen

3 Seasons

Noah Kanter provides a more nuanced conversation on the state of the trades from the eyes of a young paint contractor.

Advice from a Young Tradesmen
  • The Primer

    Episode 1

    Noah kicks off Advice from a Young Tradesman with a short monologue to set the tone.

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    Music - Ear Conflict on Main Street by Spiedkiks

  • The Garage Story

    Episode 2

    This episode gives an overview of who Noah is and how this all happened - the garage story if you will!

    Noah include's audio from a conversation he logged with Jeff Winter in March of 2019. Jeff is the Vice President of Residential Marketing at Sherwin Williams, and is one of the people behind ...

  • Jared Wise of GoGetter

    Episode 3

    Advice from a Young Tradesman welcomes the show's first formal interview guest! Jared Wise, CEO of GoGetter, joins for a conversation about their new platform and the state of the trades.

    GoGetter is an online community for students, employees, educators, and businesses within the skilled trade...

  • Cheaper than a Therapist

    Episode 4

    This is a short experimental episode where Noah lays down some thoughts on a critical part of our jobs that isn't often discussed. Enjoy!

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    Music - Ear Conflict on Main Street by Spiedkiks

  • The Craftsmanship Trap

    Episode 5

    Let's call this one Noah's manifesto. It's an exploration of an effect that he'll call the Craftsmanship Trap, the thing that keeps many of us in the weeds rather than building businesses. He's emerging from this mindset right now, and he believes it's worthwhile to talk about how it's affecting ...

  • The E-Myth in the Trades

    Episode 6

    Owner of Walls by Design in Denver, CO, producer of The Business Brush podcast, and organizer of the Crank conference Nick May joins the show.

    Noah kicked off this series with Episode 5, the Craftsmanship Trap, and that episode explored this push and pull between craft and process. Nick May is ...

  • Scaling Craftsmanship

    Episode 7

    Nick Slavik owns Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration in New Prague, MN, hosts a weekly Ask-A-Painter show on Facebook that Noah would liken to This Old House, and presents masters classes at trade shows and conferences. He forgot to ask if he ever sleeps.

    Noah kicked off this series with Episo...

  • The Shed Story

    Episode 8

    Consider this Noah's initial response to COVID and his take on the new reality and his place within it. He thinks this one could be especially useful to the solo operators or small shops, but he hopes that everyone can pull some value from this wide ranging monologue.

    Noah decided to do somethin...

  • Payroll with PAYG Workers' Compensation

    Episode 9

    The shed sessions continue! This episode is an extremely deep dive into the singular task of setting up a payroll system that includes Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation. This is the singular resource Noah would have loved to have as he did it last year. If you're not interested in this very spe...

  • John Cole of B&K Painting

    Episode 10

    John Cole owns B&K Painting in Boise, ID. He started his career at B&K in his early 20s, spent some formative years alongside Chris Berry during the Idaho Painter YouTube heyday, and John and his wife actually bought B&K from Chris in 2019. John is a super thoughtful and wise young tradesman, def...