Advice from a Young Tradesmen

Advice from a Young Tradesmen

3 Seasons

Noah Kanter provides a more nuanced conversation on the state of the trades from the eyes of a young paint contractor.

Advice from a Young Tradesmen
  • 3X Base Part 6

    Episode 8

    After a brief hiatus, In this episode of Advice from a Young Tradesman, Noah joins Conner and Luke. They discuss busy summer adventures and exterior projects. Tips and insights on great paint finishing and more!

  • 3X Base Part 5

    Episode 7

    In this episode of Advice from a Young Tradesman, they discuss interior and exterior painting. How to tackle last-minute calls, manage schedule ahead, and more!

  • Meditation For Painters

    Episode 7

    Experimental episode alert!

    This episode contains a short but effective breathwork exercise followed by yours truly narrating an interior accent wall paint job with the soundscape in the backdrop. Think of this as an introduction to the forms of meditation that I've found most effective. Enjoy!

  • 3X Base Part 4

    Episode 6

    We continue the 3X base series into the 4th episode, picking up where we left off on some fronts and introducing new topics as well.

  • Tyler Tilton of Green Mountain Painters

    Episode 5

    Tyler Tilton of Green Mountain Painters in Burlington, VT joins for a wide ranging and in person interview.

  • 3X Base Part 3

    Episode 4

    On this final episode of the 3X Base mini-series experiment, we meander. Enjoy!

  • 3X Base Part 2

    Episode 3

    We recap the holiday season, go over Connor's scheduling fiasco, and then go down a rabbit hole talking about the intersection between personal and business finance, benefits, retirement plans, and much more!

  • 3X Base Part 1

    Episode 2

    This is the first of three experimental episodes with a brand new format. Luke Diblasi of Diblasi Painting and Connor McLaughlin of Remnant Restoration Painting join for a group chat. We go over their backstories and how this came to be!

  • Update & Bender Almost Overboard

    Episode 1

    This episode is a conversation with Bender and Nth Degree's newest employee, Owen. We recap the 2021 exterior season and all of its ups and downs.