A Painter's Dream

A Painter's Dream

4 Episodes

In this series titled "A Painter's Dream," Jason Paris will be discussing what makes the painting industry so attractive to ambitious entrepreneurs, and how painting company owners can capitalize on current and future opportunities. It is a 4-part series.

A Painter's Dream
  • Building with the End in Mind

    Episode 3

    Jason will outline what you need to do in order to make your painting company sellable, allowing you the option for a lucrative exit.

  • Macroeconomic trends

    Episode 1

    This episode of the marketing mastermind mini-series will be discussing macroeconomic trends, and how the ebbs and flows of the economy should affect decision-making & planning within your painting company.

  • Industry trends

    Episode 2

    In this episode of the marketing mastermind mini-series, Jason will dive into the influx of young talent into the industry, and what that means for all painting company owners.

  • Philosophies of Business

    Episode 4

    Jason will elaborate on his philosophies of business and how they apply to you and your painting company.